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Bartolini "jazz" pickups

Discussion in 'Pickups & Electronics [BG]' started by DLM, Mar 23, 2005.

  1. DLM


    May 25, 2004
    A luthier told me that Bartolini will custom make a "jazz" pickup that is in the same shell as their standard soapbars. Here is the quote...

    "Bartolini can make a great sounding ‘Jazz’ pickup that work well with a low ‘B’ and are very low noise. They can custom make this type of pickup in the same shell as the ones on your bass. However, they may take a year to get."

    Has anyone heard of these? If so, what do you think of them?
  2. MAGUS®


    Dec 23, 2004
    I'd take a stab in the dark and say that no one has ever ordered one, what with maybe a years wait. So no feedback ..?
  3. Mark Wilson

    Mark Wilson Supporting Member

    Jan 12, 2005
    Toronto, Ontario
    Endorsing Artist: Elixir® Strings
    Believe it or not, I worked at a music store up here in Niagara, and we have those Jazz Pickups. I don't know if they've sold, A guy said he was going to grab them, I left before that. But yea, we had those. I think they were selling for...120.00 CDN? I could be wrong.
  4. DLM


    May 25, 2004
    ...but no one can provide an assessment as to how they sound?
  5. Moo

    Moo Inactive

    Dec 14, 2002
    Oakland, CA
    The Bart J's in a soapbar will sound like normal J's, and a 1 year wait for custom Barts is a dream, I would say longer if ever.

    Many luthiers can make you a wooden shell that will do what you need, I had something similar with some empty Duncan shells that I foil lined and grounded and cut out a foam inset to hold single coils in a P2 shape.
  6. tim99

    tim99 Supporting Member

    Jan 28, 2003
    Have you listened to a regular bartolini humbucker in single coil mode to know that you do not want that sound?

    This link shows the wiring to switch a bartolini humbucking pickup from HB (Humbucking mode) to SC (single coil mode). Note that the ovals that say "neck coil" and "bridge coil" are not separate pickups, they are drawings of the two coils that are inside one humbucking pickup.

    Another Idea is to have a custom "pickguard" made to just cover the pickup cavities and install J pickups like the neck pickup on a J bass.

    Another Idea is to paint the inside of the pickup cavitiy black, cut a piece of black mouse pad or black wood to line the bottom of the cavity for the bottom of the j pickup to rest on.

    Hey, you could have the entire pickups area routed down 1/8 to 1/4 of an inch, install the J pickups, and have a custom cover made of wood to fill in that routed area. This wood could even be custom made to have a ramp between the pickups, or a thumbrest on the top edge.

    Did you see this picture?



    Wood covers here

    Oh, another picture:


  7. tim99

    tim99 Supporting Member

    Jan 28, 2003
    Holly cow, this one has exposed poles:

  8. tim99

    tim99 Supporting Member

    Jan 28, 2003
    Ritter pickups are also humbucker/singlecoil switchable.

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