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  1. Advice sought! I live in Melbourne. I use GK gear and play very 'clean'. I play an Aria Pro II active in a blues band cum originals. And a Mexican Jazz fretless in a jazz trio, sometimes augmented, playing standards.

    The Aria is small, light and fast, I like it, and I find shifting between the two an effort - but no big dramas. The necks are very different and the Aria pickups far more dynamic. This cuts across the greater musicality you get from a fretless.

    I am starting to find the Aria a little imprecise at speed. So I was thinking of some sort of upgrade. And it does not slap well.

    I just tried a A$2800 Warwick, and was not too impressed - but maybe it is not my bass. And that is a lot more money than the Aria is worth. So should I try to upgrade the Aria? It is professionally set up, I use very light strings (105 E). Bridge change? Or keep looking for an upgrade to a better bass?

    Meanwhile could I get a matching pair, one fretted one fretless - the reason I tried the Warwick is that I thought of getting a pair of the Corvette passives. Then swopping between the two could be easier. But I was not impressed by their expensive elder brother. But maybe unfairly.

    I used to own an EB3, and kind of think like that, hence the Aria (and it's red) so getting the Fender was a big change. But it is a very nice instrument.


    Anybody out there with similar issues?

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  2. I remember that Aria makes Steve Bailey Signature model. This bass is very playable and it sounds great. might be a solution if you're accustomed with Arias.
    I don't think changing the bridge on your bass will dramatically improve your bass, that's an upgrade, though it'll not be a different bass.
    How much do you want to spend in both fretted/fretless basses?
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    Hello.......IMO -changing your Aria would probably not fix it. I had an Aria Pro II ZZB Custom in 86'. Of all my lost basses, I miss it the most for utmost quality. Slim, fast neck with awesome pick ups. Better yet, it had the only brass, fine tune bridge I have ever seen on a bass. Anyway, I believe your Aria is what it is and altering it may not get you what your seeking. It may damage it's overall, original Aria glory. I would keep the Aria original and try other basses until your other desires are satisfied. I would start with any upper G&L model. Good luck....
  4. Thanks for the advice. I think that one cheaper option would be to change the pickups on the Fender to make them more sensitive/responsive. I'll check out that bit of the site. G&L basses seem to have a reputation for very high output pickups. ???