Bassline From Revlon Commercial

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  1. DISCLAIMER: I am an Uber-Spazz.

    I was walking through my living room the other day, and a commercial came on for Revlon advertising some kind of eyeliner or some poopie. And the song they used made me stop in my tracks. I literally stopped, turned around, and asked “WHAT... was THAT?!?”

    oliver last forever - Google Search Just wait until it’s about a minute in... it’s worth the wait. It’s like if Daft Punk hooked up with Chic.

    “Last Forever” by Oliver, an electronic/nu disco duo group... The bassline in this song just grabbed me by the ear and did not let go! Immediately, I began researching who wrote this song. After 20 minutes of thinking “I am such a freaking spazz for doing this...” I found it, and set about trying to learn how to play it. I have no clue if this bassline is played on a bass guitar, or a synth. I honestly don’t care, because it’s singly one of the most energetic and seductive bass lines I’ve ever heard.
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