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    Yes there is a thread on this, but it's 13 years old and rather than resurrect it...

    I need a new lawn mower. Been using a push reel for four years, but it's too hard on my surgically-repaired neck. Lawn is totally flat so I don't need self-propelled, nor even really want it because engage/disengage every 25 feet is a pain. Lawn is best described as small, and there aren't rocks in it (unless I disturb the lava rocks with the weed whacker).

    But it ain't golf course grass. It is thick, dense, and has a high moisture content until it finally dies in late July. I mow 11 months a year (all but August), and during late spring I might mow three times a week just to keep it to a height where it can be mowed. Often I mow very wet grass. Sometimes I mow in the rain. I have mowed in standing water (clay soil). It's ridiculous, but if I wait until everything's drier, I'd need a sheep.

    I lost my brand-new plastic-deck Honda mower in a divorce. Got to use it once, and daaaang loved the fact that cleaning the deck underneath was one swipe with a gloved hand rather than scraping away with a putty knife to get the worst of it off, then repainting every other year or so. I can't afford to replace it with like, and anyway a $700 mower would find a way to walk away in my neighborhood.

    Is a battery powered mower going to, uh, cut it? The only plastic deck one that I know of is the Echo. The idea of not spending much time on the ground scraping a mower deck (again, neck strain) is very attractive. But it is more money than I'd like to spend.

    And how about wet grass? I realize I'm going to have to give up mowing in the rain or over standing water, but is sopping grass a safety hazard? Or will it just not cut well? The option doesn't exist to wait until it dries out. The manual says not to mow wet grass because a person could slip and fall, but that's not my concern.

    Especially interested in hearing from those of you with experience with battery-powered mowers and wet / fast-growing grass. Thanks!
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    For all that effort/work, I suugest replacing your lawn with a riverbed rock garden.
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    Decent electric mowers are not cheap. Consumer Reports had a good review of them
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    Is paying a landscaper an option?
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    Jan 15, 2019
    I love my little Greenworks electric mower. It is more narrow than my gas one so it takes a little more footwork but it has no problem cutting the grass. I think they have similar speed and torque to similar sized gas mowers so I see no reason why they can't handle the same conditions. You might need to replace the battery every couple of years and it is not recommended to leave in the charger for extended periods of time. But they are light weight, quiet, no gas smell and start right up every time (as long as the battery is good). I sure won't ever get another gas mower. Gas is cheap right now so it won't "pay for itself" quickly, but that could change.
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  6. I can recommend the Kobalt 80v push mower from Lowe’s. You need one with enough power. Nothing under the new 80v mowers will be strong enough. I have been surprised what this 80v mower will cut - but they are still not as strong as the cheapest entry level $175 gasoline powered push mowers. Most importantly they do not cut well with wet grass. Most battery mowers have thick plastic cases - not metal. But they are still fairly tough, and usually have bigger, more cushioned tires that can take more punishment. If you have been using a man-powered reel push mower they are definitely a step up from that. They are NOT cheap. This one was $459 on sale. And a second battery costs more than 3/4 the price of the whole mower. The battery will last about an hour on hard tall thick grass. 2 hours on easy to mow lawn grass. They take about an hour to recharge. Hope this helps you.
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  7. Try to get custody rights for the Honda.......

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    I love my ego but I don't know about wet grass. I used to pay $100 a year for a tune-up of my gas mower. This thing has lasted 5 years (still going strong) and in that respect has paid for itself
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    Anecdotal information is always the most reliable. ;)

    I have a neighbor whose yard is, um, how shall I say this. Au natural. She does get out there every once in a while with an electric mower and it gets the job done, even on foot-high weeds.
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    That ship sailed and sunk about 4.5 years ago, alas. I tried.

    Not maintenance free, and hardly within the budget. It would also be a situation of project creep - need to get some drainage work done, which would have to come before any landscaping happened. Also, the back yard is big enough that this would be biiiig money.

    Apparently not. The apartments down the block hire landscape companies to do the thing, and I've figured that if I could get in on the action on the day they're here, it wouldn't be that expensive. They don't think like that, and the ONE company that even got back to me quoted $100/mowing, which is absurd. The other outfits didn't even return calls. The neighborhood kids are not quite old enough, with the exception of the kid who's allergic to grass, haha.
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    We standardized on the EGO lawn equipment years ago when we were homeowners.
    Solid built machines, the batteries were reliable, and charged fast. I could get 40-45 minutes from one charge which did most of the yard. The smaller battery that came with the weed eater and blower was good for 20-25 minutes.
    It plowed through thick and tall grass as well as wet. I had to go a little slower in wet grass, but I didn't find that to be unique to electric mowers.
    Cleanup was simple afterwards. I could tip the mower on its side to clean the blade without worrying about gas spilling out.
    The batteries worked interchangeably between the various machines which was nice as well.

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  12. Two thoughts:

    I have this mower. It's great. One battery lasts 45 minutes or an hour. It cuts just like a gas mower, only quietly. And it's super light.
    G-MAX 40V 16 in. Cordless Lawn Mower with 4Ah Battery and Charger

    Second, if you're just cutting grass because it grows, then kill it and plant wildflowers. Lawn grass isn't natural. Native wildflowers help everybody and everything.
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    Nov 26, 2003
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    I have a Makita 21" rotary mower. Makes sense if you already have other Makita tools but it's a super solid setup regardless. Very happy with mine.
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  14. What have you got against sheep?

    My Mum has a 18V Ryobi that couldn't mow its way out of a wet paper bag. Great for her, she is getting a power walk in behind it two or three times a week to keep ahead of the growth. If she leaves it too long she has to pay a guy to knock it down again.

    A sheep would eat all the flowers before the grass.
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    What about an el cheapo $50 gas powered push mower from Craigslist??
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    Jan 8, 2013
    How bout a grass powered goat:smug:
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    FWIW, I've been using a corded electric mower for 6 or 7 years. It was cheap, it has plenty of power, I never have to charge the battery, and despite what everyone thinks using the cord is no big deal.
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    Nothing, as long as they're not mine!

    That's a possibility, but it must be rear bag and easy to start. Anything that requires a good snap motion is not going to happen. I'm looking at one on CL that needs some work, but that might not be insurmountable.
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    Or do it Beaver style. I used to have one of those, and it cut awesome.
    Rear bag. Check.
    Easy to start. Check.


  20. OP Stated this:

    “Been using a push reel for four years, but it's too hard on my surgically-repaired neck.”