Behringer xenxy 1202 question

Discussion in 'Recording Gear and Equipment [BG]' started by funkybass, Mar 21, 2014.

  1. funkybass


    Oct 19, 2006
    Does anyone know on the xenxy 1202 if you are using the usb cable do you still have to use a power chord? I tried it that way tonight and it didn't power on.
  2. ckuhn


    Jun 16, 2006
    Well, my guess is that the power chord is needed.
    Otherwhise, It would be powered just with the USB(using a cell phone power supply)
  3. Sean Fairchild - MG

    Sean Fairchild - MG

    Nov 15, 2013
    Specialist, Product Support: BEHRINGER
    Dear funkybass,

    The Xenyx 1202 is not bus powered, so you do need to use the PSU that came with the system. If you don't have it, contact our Care department at [email protected] to speak with them about getting a replacement. Thanks, and good luck!

    Best regards,
    Sean Fairchild
    Specialist, Channel Marketing Prosumer Division
    MUSIC Group
  4. Big Hoss

    Big Hoss Up note, down note, blue note, brown note...

    The XENYX 1202 is also not usb.
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