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  1. 10emmanuel


    Sep 2, 2021
    Hello friends!.

    In your opinion, what is the best, or a good bass course for an intermediate?
    I've tried bass ( begins to badass ) and even though I find it well made and the theater really funny guy, I feel that he doesn't go deep in any topic so after all I got a lot of shallow knowledge of everything.

    I am looking for learning how to read music, being able to follow a music sheet, and also, I want to lear to improvise walking bass. I got attracted to jazz music lately and I feel the need to get better once and for all.

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  2. GastonD


    Nov 18, 2013
    Belgrade, Serbia
    Adam Nitti has moved his instructional contents to Patreon, and all the lessons are available for only $5 per month. Really GOOD lessons...
  3. WrapRough


    Jan 26, 2021
    Can you afford a teacher?
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  4. 10emmanuel


    Sep 2, 2021
    yeah but I have a hard schedule to fix if I have assist to personal classes.
  5. WrapRough


    Jan 26, 2021
    Make it work :)
  6. 10emmanuel


    Sep 2, 2021
    I dont see how that kind of replies can help to somebody. I mean dont even waste your time, you are not making any good to you or me.
  7. There are some hard truths in life.

    One of them is that without someone there to provide you feedback, your progress will be slower, and you will potentially make bad habits become permanent.

    It’s why you never see anyone become good at a foreign language by just listening to instructional tapes.

    Life involves priorities. Perhaps you have some priorities that are more important than the bass. That’s great, and only you get to decide what your priorities are.

    At the same time, the required discipline of having a weekly half hour lesson, along with finding time to practice on a regular basis, is pretty powerful fuel towards progress. And let’s be honest, it’s the time to get to and from your lesson, the time you’re going to spend practicing each day, as well as probably some time just getting mentally ready to practice and giving yourself some buffer so you aren’t late for lessons.

    No wonder that video lessons are a popular choice.

    If you’re going to pay, Scott’s Bass Lessons has good content - far better than what the YouTube videos indicate.


    Before you spend the money, evaluate whether you have the time to commit to a regular routine of practicing and doing lesson content.

    If you don’t, it’s okay. The bass will still be there next year.

    Of course, when you’re thinking about this, look for stuff in your schedule that you don’t like, or that doesn’t really benefit you. If you can clear some of that out, it gives you more time to practice, or more time for online lessons, or maybe even enough time to get in person lessons.

    I played guitar for years without lessons. It was fine, but man did I hamstring my progress. I’ve made more progress in two months of drum lessons than I did in two years of learning guitar on my own, and I’m horribly uncoordinated.

    But again, if it isn’t possible, it isn’t possible…but please don’t write anything off until you’ve done an honest audit of your own time, priorities, and goals.
  8. forrestlaw

    forrestlaw Supporting Member

    Jun 25, 2018
    I'll add that nowadays you don't even have to factor in travel time to/from lesson. I've been taking lessons via Zoom/Skype for about 2.5 years now and the two teachers I've used during that time have been great!
  9. Video lessons are definitely a good option in some cases.

    If you’ve never picked up the instrument before, they aren’t really the best, but that isn’t really the issue here.

    The one thing I definitely lost out on during my period of pandemic induced video lessons is having my teacher play piano while I played the upright. It really becomes a different experience when you are doing a live duet, trading fours, etc. Plus, it makes certain concepts easier to hear when it comes to jazz harmony.
  10. WrapRough


    Jan 26, 2021
    I'm sorry but if you can't fit in an hour once a week for something that is important to you, then maybe now is not the time to play bass.
  11. 10emmanuel


    Sep 2, 2021
    man there are many other ways to say what you mean. Want an example? " I know it's difficult sometimes but if you really want you should try to do it, and the teacher I recommend (based on your question) is,..."

    Is not that the same message but without hate and super helpful?
  12. 10emmanuel


    Sep 2, 2021
    I know, I never said " I dont want a teacher" and I also said " personal" clases.... That guy says "if you can't commit is not your time". My week is different every time based on my boss wishes so what should I say ey m.f. I quit I go play the bass. .? so instead of that hate comment of @WrapRough , please more helpful people.
  13. 10emmanuel


    Sep 2, 2021
    no doubt a teacher is the best option!! I am aware of that. But from the beginning, my question pointed out to COURSES ONLINE. so that guy wrap tough should have limited himself to respond what I asked or abstein to do it.

    Your feedback was positive though
  14. So let’s step back to a bigger issue - bigger than bass - and that is the fact that you’re having to live your life in an unpredictable manner.

    Not sure what you do, but if your work situation is such that you have no part of your day from waking up until going to sleep that is predictable, it’s not really fair to you as a human being. Especially if that is seven days a week. It’s also not sustainable.

    My in person bass lessons are on a Saturday morning. My in person drum lessons are on a Tuesday evening. This is because most teachers recognize that anything in the week before 5pm is only likely to be kids.

    Whether you sign up for Scott’s Bass Lessons, find an internet teacher, just buy books, or find a dude who will show you some stuff in exchange for a six pack…I’d say figuring out how to reclaim your life is the most important thing. Since I don’t know what you do, or what you could be doing, can’t get you started here - you’re the expert on yourself and your life, so you’ll have to kick that off.

    Good luck, and in the meantime, listen to a wide variety of music and really listen to the bass parts. You don’t get to be a great author without reading a lot of books, after all!
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  15. mambo4


    Jun 9, 2006
    Mark Smith of organizes his you tube playlists very well.
    Following any playlist should give you a solid foundation on the topic.
    His instruction is well done, direct and free of fluff or hype.
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  16. ryco


    Apr 24, 2005
    I have a hard time learning by video, not that there aren't a lot of good vid instructors.

    I found this book really helpful in learning.... well everything. Excellent fretboard exercises and understanding progressions and good basic theory.

    I found thie information in this book as helpful for rock as for learning jazz. I'm a rocker who learned to play jazz in high school Jazz Band and Jazz Choir. But still consider myself a ROCKER at heart! Jazz is just taking stuff a step further ----->. But the basics are the basics, (scales, intervals, chords, inversions, arpeggios) and this book takes you to a very high intermediate level. Also good to know how to read standard bass clef notation - it really is the fastest way to learn lines and parts, and allows one to find the best fingerings fot themselves 2¢.

    Another thing about book learning is you can learn at your own pace and pack 'em around everywhere. But then I learned by book reading '60-70s, so probably the most comfortable for me as that's pretty much the only method back then! :) Anyway I have read through a ton of books and went through a couple of series like Carol Kaye's Series back in the day and this book is by far the ONE I wou;d recommend out of all of them. GOOD LUCK! HAVE FUN!! peace!
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  17. Morrighan

    Morrighan la Contessa Gold Supporting Member

    Oct 22, 2015
    Isle of Everywhere
    Ari Cap's 40 week Music Theory for the Bass Player cohort begins January 13. It's an incredibly powerful course.

  18. 10emmanuel


    Sep 2, 2021
    I must thank all those who recommended getting a teacher instead of buying a course. I got one, I had 6 classes so far and I can say, I am a better bassist than ever. All the improvement that I obtained from him would have taken months or I dont know, years to acquire, for real. He must be a good teacher and I am putting much from myself too, taking it seriously, so that's why also is working, but I'd been struggling for so long with self teaching and not reaching improvement. So many Thanks!
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  19. WrapRough


    Jan 26, 2021
    I am really glad you did it. I know you took offence to my comments, but they were not meant to be rude. I just wanted to get across that there is simply no substitute for a good teacher, and that if something is important to you - truly important - then you will find a way to make it work. Looks like you did, and it has paid off!

    I remember once I wanted to train with someone, and he said the only time he could do was 11pm at night on a Sunday. It would take me over an hour to get home, after 90mins session. Very late. Anyway, I did it... then at the end of the session I asked if it was the same time next week, and he said "no, this is an awful time. I just wanted to see if you were serious enough to make it work".

    Nice one dude :)
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