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  1. Howdy folks, quick question.

    Using the SVT4 PRO bi-amp function,

    4ohm 810 on one side and 2 4x10” cabs (each 8ohm) on the other side.

    Does the amp see each as channel separate at 4ohms or see it as 2ohms like if the cabs were wired ‘parallel’ ?

  2. JimmyM

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    Each channel as separate 4 ohms.
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    I dont know your amp and can't help if Jimmy's answer wasnt all you needed. I'm curious if you are looking to bi-amp or run dual mono.

    Will your amp automatically split the signal through a crossover because it is "bi-amp mode"? Is there a " dual mono" mode? Technically they are two distinct approaches. I'm just curious really :) But if it doesnt run dual mono, it may monkey-wrench your plans if you want two full range signals.