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Blending in compression

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by KwanzaaLizard, Apr 8, 2014.

  1. I have an old Boss CS-2 that I'd like to work into my chain in some way. Ever since Juan Alderete gave a brief overview of it, I've had a hard time ignoring it. I'm attempting to blend it in which is sounding okay, but I haven't used it in a mix with a band. If anyone has experience with this I would appreciate a little light on the subject.

    This is the video I'm referring to. I am mostly interested in using the CS-2 to integrate harmonics into my playing. I play in a funk group at the moment, and for reference here's the layout of my pedalboard:

    Basically, I've got all my effects blending with the dry signal via the LS-2. The CS-2 is at the head of the effects in order to trigger the Synth Wah more accurately. The MXR M87 is set up more as a limiter than anything else, since I get strange peaks from the envelope filter settings.

    TL;DR is it stupid to try to blend in a compressor set for "squishiness" and to enhance harmonics, yet maintain the low end of the bypass signal? The CS-2 sadly robs my signal of it's booty. :atoz:
  2. eeyorebass


    Jan 2, 2008
  3. Thanks for the immediate response! I have been devouring the ovnilabs pages lately! My issue is that the CS-2 is a really finicky pedal, adds a little grit to the signal.

    If anyone has experience doing parallel compression with a CS-2, especially in live settings (I know... this may be a long shot), I would love some pointers. My goals are to cut through better in faster fingerstyle sections of songs and to enhance harmonics. Thanks again, eeyorebass! :D
  4. I love my CS-2 and also use an x-blender. What I would recommend is that you put the cs-2 before the loop. Tuner>CS-2>Looper. It really works great this way. That pedal has a really special top end. If you want to use it for harmonics it'll sound best with the sustain knob past noon. I like 2 oclock.
    If the drop in low end is why you are blending, I find that a slight bass boost on my amp gets me right were I started before the comp was on. Its not much of a low end cut at all.
    You could also come off the attack a bit. I too like it pinned, but you will get more of the note through if you pull it back a bit
  5. Excellent advice! I'll try putting it out of the loop for a bit. I only had the attack maxed out because that's how Mr. Alderete had it in the video, but I know he's got two on his board and perhaps he just wanted to showcase the capabilities for the video.

    Do you tend to leave your CS-2 on all of the time or do you turn it on as sort of an effect?
  6. All the time. It makes my whole chain sound better. Everything else changes. The cs2 is the one thats always there always on
  7. Diaz


    Oct 18, 2013
    Here's a short clip of parallel compression using the CS-2 and Boss's LS-2 as suggested in another thread a few days ago.
    Settings on the CS-2 are at fastest attack possible (full counter-clock wise), about 2pm on sustain and about 1/3 max volume of my Fender fretless MIM J-Bass bridge pickup

    And here's how the soundwaves looked:


    Hope it helps even though it's kinda crappy!

    Btw OP, i went for it for the same reason as you! Tone sounds more full, without reducing my dynamic range too much.
  8. franksg, where do you recommend setting the attack? I did find that Sustain around 2 'o clock was where I had a noticeable difference, thanks for that tip!

    I played in a medium club last night without a thorough sound check so I couldn't hear things too well but the parallel CS-2 seemed to add some punch and definition to my tone that wasn't quite there otherwise.

    I had just a few questions. When you said full counter-clockwise do you mean set to look like 8 o clock or 5 o clock, since I thought turning the attack knob counter-clockwise would slow down the attack.

    Also, you mentioned having your volume set to 1/3. Is that to play differently with the compressor or do you normally do that? Just wondering since I keep my bridge volume full-on unless I switch to soloing the neck pup.