Blow Monkeys?

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  1. Thunderthumbs73

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    May 5, 2008
    Anyone like the album Animal Magic from 1986? Great Brit-Soul, and an album which is much deeper than just the one hit, "Digging Your Scene" which came out of it.

    It's a great, unsung album for bass (fretted and fretless) which flies under everyone's radar, it seems.

    Mick Anker on bass. An 80s pop gem. Check it out. Also see video:
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  2. 20db pad

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    Feb 11, 2003
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    None. At all.
    I dug 'em back in the day. I remember a bunch of UK bands that had that sort of sound, like Curiosity Killed the Cat, Hipsway, King, and Spandau Ballet. Great decade for creative bass playing.
  3. Thunderthumbs73

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    May 5, 2008
    Regarding the decade, I generally agree. There've of course been mindless clunkers in every decade, but I feel lucky to have grown up partially in the 80s, and to have been impacted by a number of bands and musical movements when they were new and fresh.

    Mark King (Level 42)
    Mike Mills (REM)
    Gary Garry Beers (INXS)
    Adam Clayton (U2)
    Nick Beggs (Kajagoogoo)
    John Taylor (Duran Duran)
    George Anderson (Shakatack)
    Simon Gallup (The Cure)
    Mario Cipollina (Huey Lewis & The News)
    ...among many greats which are many who received visibility in the 80s...
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    The Blow Monkeys were a very good pop band, even if they never got past the great song Digging Your Scene. If you like pop or new wave like Elvis Costello or Spandau Ballet you would like the Blow Monkeys.

    I cannot tell you what amp Mick Anker used, but it sounds like he used Ampeg or Laney amps. He is, however, playing a sunburst Fender Precision Bass with a maple neck.
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    Mar 31, 2010
    I like the fact that the lead singer is not trying to imitate American soul/R&B singers. He actually sounds British!
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    Feb 7, 2020
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    Zombie thread.

    Atlanta guy?
    One of the most fun shows I have ever seen is Blow Monkeys at 688 with the full horn section. He was killing the bass and took complete control of that very crowded stage. They were a great band that nobody knows about here.
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