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BMAX Para-mids...Need help!!

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by Steelpulz, Dec 19, 2005.

  1. Steelpulz


    Nov 4, 2003
    Inglewood, CA
    I recently got a BBE Bmax SS. I love it. But, I don't understand how and when to adjust the paramids. It has 2 knobs, one for Range: 250 hz-1000hz, the other is Gain: -12 db to +12db. What does all that mean??? What does it do for the sound? Help!!
  2. the range knob selects what frequency the other knob boosts.
    all left is low mids all right is high mids
    12 noon is mid-mids :)

    i use that pre and boost round 3 or 4 db at 250 (all left)
  3. ^^ohh.. beaten because of the long post :bawl:

    Read the manual, I think it is explained there pretty good. But well.. here we go!

    The first knob with the range is to adjust which frequencies you want to boost. If you want the low mids boosted: try to put it on 250 hz. Well.. you can cut or boost the frequencie which you've choosen with the other knob. - is boosting and + is cutting, right? No. But hé, think for yourself and don't let everybody on a internetforum tell whatever is good for you.

    Well now you want to know HOW it actually sounds, the manual also explained that. Turn the frequency knob all the way to the left (so it is at 250 hz) and turn your boost knob quite a bit up (or put it at max, also good). Now hit a note and slowly turn the frequency knob to the right, you will hear that the 'boost' moves from the lower range of the frequency spectrum to the higher range. Turn the frequency knob all the way up and listen good. Don't forget to let a note ring, but don't let it die. If you let it ring; you will hear it better then when you keep plucking notes.

    When you're done, do the same but now cut the frequencies. And hear the difference. This is an equalizer which doesn't only cut the frequencies, but also boosts them. Which is a bit different from your normal EQ.

    I would really advice you to read the manual at the Peavey website .

  4. hows about the bbe webpage being that they made the unit....
  5. Even better ofcourse. I was reading T-max, which is a peavey amp.

    Excuse me :bag:

  6. :rollno: :scowl: :ninja: :D ;) :bassist:
  7. Steelpulz


    Nov 4, 2003
    Inglewood, CA
    I have read the manual but it gives minimal info. It explains what the coontrols do. But you guys gave me info that will help (250hz= low mids, 1000hz=high mids.) Thanks
  8. Smiley abuse. :D

    You're welcome.. but don't forget to do the little experiment I explained. It really helped me out to find a good tone with such an equalizer. Don't forget to set every other EQ knob flat (also on your bass, if you have a bass with a pre-amp)
  9. i cant get enough of thems smileys

    kilians "experiment" was a great way of getting across how to see/hear exactly what the knobs do.
    do exactly what he explained and you will understand the knob.....

    the knob :bag:

  10. The best way is to just listen, but this is a good primer:

  11. Steelpulz


    Nov 4, 2003
    Inglewood, CA
    Thanks Stedtale:

    I checked out the site...good info.
  12. funkmuffin


    Aug 18, 2004
    Akron, Ohio
    Ready to be confused a little more? The main EQ section on your preamp is a little funky to set "flat". To get a true "flat" EQ setting, you have to turn your (main) mids all the way up, and the bass all the way down, and just about 7:00 on the treble (that's just a little bit up from off).

    I would start there, and then do the test as detailed above, so that you can hear eveything change from as close to flat as possible.

    I only ever use the para-mids on my rigs as "sonic seasoning" to add a little flavor to my sound.

  13. Yeah, I sent it to my sound guy with the bass areas highlighted....luckily he has a good sense of humor.