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Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by rcubed, Jan 23, 2009.

  1. rcubed


    May 8, 2008
    San Diego, CA
    I wish my camera was working so I could take a picutre of it. I was able to jam it into a 1590NS enclosure, which is probably the smallest enclosure you could use for this effect using the GeoFex layout PCB that General Guitar Gadgets sells. The schematic has been corrected and the switches are functional.

    I tweaked the values on some of the caps for better lowend. Here's the sloppy noodling demo on my 5-string in passive mode:

    It's recorded in ProTools direct to my MBox2 Mini. I'm thinking of doing another demo using the direct out on my LMII if there is interest. I could also demo it with other pedals as well. I know a lot have a B:Assmaster and will likely compare my demo to the sounds you're getting but I'm guessing there will be some differences due to the components used.

    The clip goes as follows, with the columns being sensitivity, bass, brass (using clock positions), harmonic switch, brass switch:

    9, 9, 9, off, off
    9, 9, 9, off, on
    9, 9, 9, on, on
    12, 12, 12, off, off
    12, 12, 12, off, on
    12, 12, 12, on, on
    3, 3, 3, off, off
    3, 3, 3, off, on
    3, 3, 3, on, on
    12, 3, 12, on, on
    11, 3, 9, on, on
    9, 2, 10, off, off

    It's definitely a hard pedal to demo with all the combinations possible. Let me know what you think.

    Also, this was a pain to solder and wire up with all the components involved compared to other fuzzes. I can certainly see why clones go for such high prices.
  2. nad

    nad 60 Cycle Humdinger

    Sep 22, 2005
    Sounds good mang.

    EDIT: Just noticed the clip name. Even better. :D

    EDITx2: *** that was an ad? I'm an idiot.
  3. hahah..

    An Infinite Number of Chimps - "Phone Call from an Alien"

    Interesting pedal. It reminds me of the syle green filter, around the middle of your first clip, where it sounds wet and spitty. I've only been the the b:assmaster clips a few times, focusing mainly on the double germ clips: But I'm not really hearing much a similarity between the pedals? I'll have to go back and have a listen.

    Either way, sounds good and not what I expected. Sounds less fuzzy and more synthy filtery somethin..ery. I'm also definitely hearing the 'brass' part of the master, in the upper register.
  4. excane

    excane Inactive

    Aug 23, 2005
    New York, NY
    Sounds cool, very much like a prunes & custard hybrid of some sort.
  5. rcubed


    May 8, 2008
    San Diego, CA
    Yeah you can definitely hear where the name came from in those clips. Playing through an amp with a cab makes it a different sounding beast. It's probably less fuzzy than the original due the cap size changes but I think the trade off of more lowend is a good one.
  6. Way cool. :cool:
    I'm building one of these too. I haven't quite finished it though....

    So what caps\values did you change to get the better bass response?
  7. that sounds REALLY good
  8. rcubed


    May 8, 2008
    San Diego, CA
    I forget. :meh:

    I was kicking myself for not writing them down. Looking at the GeoFex shematic, I think I changed the values of C1, C2, C7 and C8. I need to open up the pedal and figure out the exact values. I also added 1M ohm pull down resistors to the input and output of the circuit to quiet down the popping of the switch. I soldered them to the traces. I wish my camera was working or I would have pictures.
  9. rcubed


    May 8, 2008
    San Diego, CA
    Glad you like it. I'm thinking of maybe doing a germanium version a la Malekko. Maybe you can could send detailed gut shot pictures and I could figure out where he puts the germ transistor(s) in the circuit.
  10. Will do. Glad you caught me tonight because I just SOLD it.
  11. That bass riff sounds pretty good!
  12. rcubed


    May 8, 2008
    San Diego, CA
    Here's another demo where I use some of my other effects:

    This time I took direct out signal from my LMII into my MBox2 Mini with gain and EQ settings at noon, both filters off for the LMII. I'm using my 5-string in passive mode.

    The clip goes as follows:

    Clean -> VT Bass (still pretty clean sound) -> Brassmaster with lowish brass and mid bass and sensitivity -> Brassmaster with VT Bass -> Micro POG -> Brassmaster with Micro POG -> Analog Man Mini Chorus -> Brassmaster with Analog Man Mini Chorus -> Small Stone Nano -> Brassmaster with Small Stone Nano -> Carbon Copy analog delay -> Brassmaster with Carbon Copy -> Stereo Memory Man with Hazarai (short delay with modulation) -> Brassmaster with SMMw/H -> Wilson Effects Bass Q Wah (12 position, vintage specs) -> Brassmaster in front of Bass Q Wah -> Brassmaster with everything added in but the Carbon Copy
  13. Chronicle


    Sep 13, 2006
    Cool, another build i'll add to my list :)

    link to directions? ;]
  14. rcubed


    May 8, 2008
    San Diego, CA
    BOM, wiring diagram, schematic:

    Also buy the PCB from them. Makes things that much easier. It would be a pain to do it on perfboard. Also you'll need to switch R22 and R27 on the layout (solder R22 to the R27 spot and R27 to the R22 spot). I also recommend adding in the input and output pull down resistors to help eliminate the popping sound of the switch.

    Get the updated (correct) schematic here:

    He made some slight changes. The only fix you need to note is the orientation of the transistor in the twin filter.
  15. Chronicle


    Sep 13, 2006
    niiice ty
  16. Thanks for the headsup on the resistor's rcubed!

    So is that Q5? I'm a little new to this DIY stuff.:help:

    Also, when you say "pull-down resistor's", do you simply mean running a resistor from the "IN" line of the stereo jack, to ground?
    What value resistor should I use?

    Thanks again!
  17. rcubed


    May 8, 2008
    San Diego, CA
    I think it's Q5. It has different numbers on different schematics.

    Yep, input and output lines to ground. 1M to 1.5M ohm resistors should do it. I soldered them to the traces on the underside of the PCB. If my camera wasn't broken, I would have taken pictures.:(
  18. Yeah - I read Q6 on the Geofex, but that corrected schemtaic has me a little unsure. But no wuck'n furries, I'll work it out.;)

    Learn something new every day.
    Thanks a heap mate.

    Once I get mine all built, I've have to post the picky's.
    Thanks rcubed!:cool:
  19. rcubed


    May 8, 2008
    San Diego, CA
    When I play through headphones or at low volumes this pedal is too loud (I don't remember having that problem when jamming through a cab and the volume cranked :D ). So I'm thinking of adding a volume pot to the output of the circuit in place of the pulldown resistor so I can crank the circuit and tame the output.
  20. Cheers for the headsup there mate :smug:
    But I do plan on using a SaNSamp / Tube pedal (depends on the board I use it with) as my output to Amp.

    I was planning to use a BB style enclosure, like you I noticed;), but with an accessory volume output I'm wondering about finding a bigger enclosure now.........
    Would I be right in assuming a 500K pot would do the job?

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