Bridge Saddle question... help!

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    Jul 15, 2003
    hey all. recently my friend borrowed my Fender P bass and surprised me by putting on new strings for me. he put on the strings that i normally use, but the bass felt VERY different, and i wasn't sure why. i then looked down at the bridge and noticed that the strings were placed in different positions on the bridge saddles than i would normally have them. my friend placed the strings directly in the middle of each saddle (which makes the strings closer together), where as i would have the E and A strings slightly to the left and the D and G strings slightly to the right of the saddles (which makes the strings lay further apart).
    i know this may sound anal and weird, but i messed around with the different positions and there is a HUGE difference in playability and feel between the two! now i was wondering: what is the "norm"? is it just a question of taste or have i just been stringing up my bass wrong all these years??!! techs or anyone who knows... help!! thanks
  2. personal prefernce, thats why the grooves are there!
    standard spacing is 19mm i think
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    Feb 19, 2004
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    You must have the old threaded saddles? Most modern saddles have a slot up the middle for the string. So placing the string in the middle is normal. Is that what you ment?