Building EUB, how much will thickness of solid boldy affect ?

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  1. lets_go


    Dec 15, 2013
    Hey everyone, im starting a project EUB and had a questions maybe some more experienced folks can lend their 2 cents.

    Obviously there is a point where im sure the gains would drop off, but how much more tone/quality sound would one get from making the body thicker ?
    Such as using 2 blanks together instead of one.

    Right now I'm still just in parts collecting stage but will make sure to start a pic thread when I actually get going.
  2. I think you need to study acoustics of stringed instruments a lot before you can make any serious decisions how to build your instrument. Also try a lot of EUBs (the more and more different the better), also with the bow!
    Expect to make a lot of wrong decisions on your first (and maybe also second) instrument. You might never find out what's wrong, but have difficulties playing it (or it might make it much more hard to play).

    As long as the solid body does hold the tension of the four doubloe bass strings, I think there is no noticable difference. The area of the solid body might have as much influence as the thickness, if not more.
    Even if you build a small/narrow resonant chamber (which is a narrow body double bass needing all the stuff like bass bar and soundpost) you only get higher frequencies mechanically amplified. Maybe enough for practicing alone but not for the bass function in an ensemble.
    Try EUBs that exist before making any decisions...
  3. scojack


    Apr 1, 2009
    Personally i'd say just be aware of the weight. My very first EUB had a thick body and consequently was very heavy. Picking it up was a two handed operation ...not good!
    Depending on the wood i'd say actually go as thin as you can without compromising body strength. ..theres a fair bit of tension in the strings so you cant go too thin either.
    Good Luck anf keep us posted :)