Buying single 110 gauge Elixir strings in Europe?

Discussion in 'Strings [BG]' started by Dade8283, Aug 25, 2017.

  1. Dade8283


    Feb 24, 2016
    Anybody know where one can buy single Elixir strings here in Europe? The string I'm looking specifically for is a .110 string. Should be quite easy to find right? Nope. Haven't had any luck..

    If not, is there any brand of coated strings (with same long life as Elixir) that makes more gauges?

  2. HaphAsSard


    Dec 1, 2013
    I think the problem is simply that they don't make that gauge
    Single Strings - Elixir Bass NanoWeb Single Strings - Single Strings for Bass Guitar

    Pyramid has a black coated .11 available
    Single Strings - Pyramid Black Wires - Bass Single Strings - Single Strings for Bass Guitar

    ...and that's it, that I know of at least.

    As a not-really-serious aside, could you be interested in a non-coated
    " .110 - single string / E-Bass
    • Highgrade Swedish stainless steel with over 17% chromium
    • Resistent to corrosion/oxidation "? ^^'
    SKULL Bass Strings Stainless Steel jetzt online kaufen bei
  3. Dade8283


    Feb 24, 2016
    Yeah, I feared as much. Really wierd that nobody seems to make a .110 gauge!?

    Have you ever tried skull strings? The got the right gauges but my experience is that steel strings go dead way to quickly, atleast with my sweaty hands...
  4. HaphAsSard


    Dec 1, 2013
    I'm a hand-sweating, string-killing machine myself... I never did extensive research on uncoated rounds in order to find which seemed to take more time to die under such hostile conditions; I simply switched to flatwounds (a move I decided to make since I found I like their tone, and could afford to because I'm a hobbyist - I doubt I would not keep a bass with rounds if I played out more, but they'd have to be coated) and am currently trying out tapewounds. I doubt uncoated rounds of any make and model could last as long as Elixirs; I'm willing to be proven wrong of course. Anyway, I just thought you could either be vaguely interested or mildly amused by the mention of domestic steel in the Skull product blurb. :)

    Now, back to coated .11 strings.
    BassStringOnline (in the US) only has a DR Black Beauty of that gauge available as a single:
    DR Black Beauties Single String - .100-.110 E-String
    but DR make some of their coated models, clear (Bootzillas but not Dragon Skins) and coloured both sober (Black Beauties, Red Devils and Cool Blues but not Silver Stars) and flashy (Neon Green, -Orange, -Yellow and -Pink but not others) in 50-70-90-110 sets (BBs even have one with a tapered E).
    Other two brands of interest that make heavy sets with those exact gauges are Cleartone Strings (which apparently aren't coated proper but "treated") and Aurora (in a vast array of colour options, including clear). (Italian brand IQS has coated offerings which do not include those gauges, and uncoated ones which do.)
    If you definitely want a coated .11 and don't want the black Pyramid I linked to above you might find one of these sets somewhere in Europe.
    If the rest of the gauges are too heavy and/or unbalanced for your taste and don't want to get an entire set for only one useful string, you might try asking IQS if they can coat a .11 just for you, or contact either of the two smaller US companies mentioned above, Cleartone or Aurora, and see if they're willing to put together a custom set and sell it direct (I'm pretty sure, from TB member reports, that at least the latter will be).

    EDIT: another Italian brand, Galli, makes a coated .05-.07-.085-.11 set.
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  5. Dade8283


    Feb 24, 2016
    I hear you. I have Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) and tend to kill nickel roundwound within a few days depending on how much I play (and sweat). Thanks for the tip, but I don´t care much wether or not if the metal is domestic, and I doubt that it would sound more Scandinavian ;) Unfortunatelly flats are out of the question. I love the bright growl of a new nickel round string!

    After reading up on the Black beauties, it seems like the verdict is that they neither sound or last as long as Elixirs + that the coating chips away quick with a pick. Oh yeah, I forgot to say that I play with a pick, so there´s that to consider...

    I will read up on Cleartone, Aurora and Galli strings. Actually, since I have two bases (one in drop B and one in drop D), a set of 55-110 (or similar top) and a 5-string set of 45-130/135 would be even better than a single .110! Then I could just use the lighter 3 strings of the 55-110 set + the B from the 5-string set, use the .110 string as my low D string and just keep the .105 string for if I ever grow tired of drop D (very unlikely).

    If all else fails, I guess I just would go back to regular Ernie ball/Daddario´s and leave them in denaturated alcohol a day or two when they go dead. Atleast I´ll have the right guages! I Havn´t even hade the Elixirs on for 3 weeks yet and they are already starting to either flake or just getting dirty (hard to tell) But they still sound good.
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