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  1. I'm sorry, but I don't have the patience to go thru 3500 threads and the search turned up nothing. So here is my question. Does setting the cabinets directly on the floor cause any kind of sonic cancelation or cross wave problems? I would think that the sound waves would bounce of the floor and cause problems. If you do lift them off the floor, how far? Do you put your 4 10's on the bottom or the 1 18? What about the port? I have a nice Carvin rig, but no matter how I tune it, it sounds muddy like there is a cross frequency killing it. I haven't tried lifting them yet but I have not noticed any stages that do.
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    Do you have a crossover on your amp?

    I used to setup a 4*10 on top of an 18, crossover was sending everything under 160hz down to the 18 and higher then 140hz to the 4*10, never lifted them but on Indoor shows I had to send less power to the bottom cab.
  3. having your cabinet directly on the floor can cause acoustic coupling with said floor, which will produce a resonance, which can make things sound muddy. that being said, a lot of people actively try to couple their cabinets with the floor/stage/walls/whatever in order to "enhance" the low-frequency response of their rig.
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    Google: boundary cancelation
    And boundary coupling.
    I use auralex gramma pads under sub woofers.
  5. Thank you! The coupling and boundary cancelation and reinforcement is what I was looking for. The best one so far is from Barefaced Bass. They explain it pretty good. Another one was from Peavy explaining wave length. I knew I wasn't crazy. I guess it's pretty hard to try and tune a room when you are gigging all the time. Compared to tuning a studio.
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    I have casters on both cabs, so they never are coupled to the floor. However I've never found it making a world of difference in real life scenarios when I have set cabs on the ground- never the FOH going "Man could you just decouple that cab real quick, would totally change everything!"