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    May 6, 2004
    I know they all sound the same and it dont really make a hoot a difference which one you plug in, but I just got a set of cords from Rattlesnake Cables and I really like them. Hank offers a bunch of nice colors, and they look elegant. I got them in matching color (copper) to replace the cables that were stolen when my amp was taken, and I know it is dorky but I like it. I like having them easy to see in the set up and take down so I know what is mine and don't forget them and they have a nice weight and excellent build.
    Hank made them within minutes of me ordering them and I had them in two days. I got a TRS for the two Yamahikos into the Felix, a patch between the poweramp and preamp and a speakon cable. Super nice.

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    Mar 20, 2004
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    Here's my cable dork story: I've got my cables colored, so that each cable is colored differently. I can look into my bag, and if I see five different colors, then I know I've got all of my cables. This is also a great way to know that I'm grabbing my cables and not someone else's at the end of the gig.

    It started with discovering that I could get bulk cable in colors for the same price as black.
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    Yeah.... I'm a DIY Cable Dork.
    Wanna fight?
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