can someone help me with my amp?

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  1. i have an ibanez IBZ15B amp, its a good amp for its size and all but I took it into a different room to play with my brother and whenever I play a certain fret I could hear a buzzing in the background, but i know its not the bass because turned off my amp and played the same fret and nothing happend. :help: and when i took it back to my room it played perfectly and nothing happend. the other strange thing is that even when i take it (when i travel) and play it at different places it still sounds great? im really really confused any and all help is greatly appreciated

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    Something in your room is buzzing. This can be a nightmare to diagnose. Have someone else hold their hands on walls, doors, heater vents, windows, etc.
  3. is there a way to fix it or should i just go to another room?
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    Is your room under warranty? If so, take it back.
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    Once you find what's buzzing in the room, you can decide if it can be moved, attached tighter, or fixed. Until you find the buzzing item, you can't do a thing.