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Catagorizing Fun

Discussion in 'Bassists [BG]' started by Mud Flaps, Jun 10, 2004.

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  1. Mud Flaps

    Mud Flaps

    Feb 3, 2003
    Norton, MA
    Here's how it works.... below are 5 general catagories: overrated, underrated, just right, other, and who knows. You place a bunch of basses, with an explanation in each catagory. I'll start the fun...


    -Flea: Hasn't ever shown himself worthy of the respect given to him by all the teens. He's good, but I haven't ever heard him put out an actual substantially good or challenging bass line.

    -P-Nut: Taken one bass solo his whole life. It wasn't even that good.

    -Fiedly: Just sucks

    -Mike Dirnt (is that the name of the bassist from Green Day): Has cool tone, but not much beyond that.

    -Rocco Prestia - Shame on me. I had so much trouble putting him here. He was original, but compared to the bassists that came after him, he was nothing. He had some great basslines, but was unable to sustain that throughout the majority of his career.

    -Geddy Lee - He's good, but certainly not deserving of all the praise given to him.

    Underrated -

    -***John Pattituci*** - Right now, Pattituci is the best bassist on the planet. Even if you think that Wooten is the best electric bassist, which I disagree with, I think he's 2nd, he's certainly the best hybrid electric/upright bassist around ever. He plays faster and better on the upright than most people do on the electric. For those of you who don't know, he also slaps extremely well, on a six string! You'll never hear it though, because he stopped slapping due to all this new age garbage that he's into now.

    -Alphonso Johnson - This bassist is very overlooked. He was the Weather Report bassist before Jaco. People think that just because he was replaced by Jaco means he was bad. Au contraire, Johnson was on par with the mighty man himself. Jaco took a lot of tips from Johnson. Check out Cucumber Slumber.

    -John Turner, Embellisher, my bass teacher, tons of others - Many people assume that because someone isn't famous means that they are not as good as the major bassists. This is not true. Take John Turner for example. I'm going to venture that he is one of the very best 7 string bassists of all time, perhaps the best. That may sound like shocking TB piety to you, but can you actually admit you have ever heard someone do any better? I'm not a huge John Turner fan, he nearly booted one of my friends from TB. But being a celebrity makes it much easier to get away with playing like crap and still achieving virtuoso status.

    Right Place:

    -Paul Jones
    -most bassists


    -Stanley Clarke: In his prime, he was revolutionary. He created huge movements in jazz and funk. But afterwards, he had nowhere to go, and his style was innovated by others to the point where he was worse at being Stanley Clarke than Marcus Miller or Victor Bailey or John Pattituci etc.

    -John Myung: I'm so confused about John Myung. I have no idea where to put him. I think I've heard his best work, but I can't decide if he's really good and just deemed not worth it by the rest of DT or if he's only good at short, composed solos and sucks the rest of the time.


    -Les Claypool: who knows? His work with Primus is creative, but generally unsubstantial. However, supposedly, he's incredible on stage, and lately some of his basswork has been just amazing up there, or so I've heard.

    -Tons of Professional Bassists: Lots of pros contracted by record companies are really good session musicians, but who knows which ones are and which aren't? I mean take for example Justin Meldal-Johnson, the bassist from Beck. BP says he's good, but who can varify this? I can't, I've never actually heard him play bass!
  2. James Hart

    James Hart

    Feb 1, 2002
    Endorsing Artist: see profile
    wow that musta taken for ever to type up :meh:

    How about we just Listen and Enjoy the music :bassist:

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