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  1. Now I don't know about you but I fancy Atletico Madrid to win it this season @ 20/1 I think they are worthy of a tenner.
    They've got a tough 2 legged tie with Barcelona but Victor Valdes is out injured for at least 6 months, and with the momentum they have going in the league I think they could edge it.

    Certainly will be an interesting cup, who do you fancy?
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    Try posting in the TB Official English Football'll get more responses and see that there is a small group of football lovers that talk football every season.

    Oh, and welcome :)
  3. Ooo I didn't realise there was one, thank you
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    Welcome to TB!

    I'm going to close this and keep the footie talk in the main thread as that is the first port of call for fans of the game here in Off Topic.

    We are WOLVES

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