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Check out my new rig!!

Discussion in 'Live Sound [BG]' started by blindeddie, Jan 31, 2014.

  1. i just wanted to post a pic of my new rig. i just got this super cool old PA system that i don't know anything about at all, except that is waaaaaaaay cool! AND i got the whole thing for $100! it is a Paramount 160 four channel PA head with reverb and it has two Paramount cabinets with 2x10s each. the strange thing is, it doesn't say what the wattage is anywhere and neither do the cabs. no wattage, no ohms. nothing. but it sounds good to me. there are no horns, but it still sounds decent as a small PA. but i'm currently using it as a bass amp. i play ALOT and have several different bands going at the same time, so i like to leave different rigs at different locations so i don't have to carry my stuff around all the time. this old PA sounds great with my bass. it's nice and loud and has a sweet old school tone with my cheap little Douglas hollowbody. i am sooooooo digging the tone i'm getting out of this sweet little rig. if anybody knows anything about these PA's, please let me know.

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