Chorus sound-strings or setup?

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  1. I have (as other TBers) a new set of Elixer strings on my bass for the free trial, and I noticed when I was at the recording studio that when I listen critically through the headphones (as opposed to on stage) I hear a choruslike over-tone on my B, E and some Astring notes which get more pronounced as I go higher on the neck. I just spent an hour trying to adjust my intonation and even pickup height and I can't get rid of it or get my B or E strings to intonate properly. I am strung through the body, should I just go through the bridge on my lower strings? When I try to adjust the intonation on the B string the breakangle across the bridge is very steep where it comes out of the body. Any suggestions??
  2. You are probably just hearing the overtones in a full-range listening rig. Many bass rigs roll off obove 4k or so and you don't hear as much of that detail. Now you listen to a direct track, or even a mic'd cab, and hear those overtones, which can sound chorus-like. It has nothing to do with the intonation, which is either right or not, but it won't "fix" that problem.

    Good News: It will become less noticeable as the strings break in.
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    Free Elixir Trial? What?
  4. I've heard a lot of comments about "break angle" over the bridge on the thicker strings...has to do with creating a false witness point in front of the bridge and throwing your intonation out.

    So, yeah, give it a try going through the bridge to reduce this.
    After all, it is pretty easy to try.