Chorus - when and how?

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  1. So I found a sweet deal on a Boss CEB-3 and decided to buy it. There's one problem though... I don't really know how to use chorus. :/

    In general, I'm not much of an effects guy. I have a distortion and Wah pedal, but rarely use them. That being said, how/when do you, the replier, normally use chorus?
  2. Agito


    Jun 27, 2009
    You can use it for slap or to get the 80's sound, BTW this Boss is a great pedal, I have it as well.

    I for example use it in my clean tone, A bit chorus to blend with the clean signal and then clean sounds really good

    Anyhow, Have fun :)
  3. I personally am not much of a slapper (mostly because I haven't done much searching for the right tone) but after listening to the sound clips on Boss's website, I'm afraid I might end up using it constantly on my clean tone simply just for the tone "fattening" it seems to offer. ^_^
  4. I use it a lot to fatten things up. I also will use a Boss CEB-3 and a Danelectro Cool Cat Chorus together to get some really crazy sounds.

    I usually like my chorus clean or with some overdrive.
  5. nad

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    Sep 22, 2005
    I use chorus when I need to sound like water.

    I know that sounds mystical and/or stupid, but when I think "I want to be in Atlantis for this song," that's when I stomp it on.
  6. I like to use chorus when I play lines and fills higher on my neck when the song kind a drops away. It adds a nice layer of spacey tone when the rest of the band thins a little.
  7. Bryan R. Tyler

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    May 3, 2002
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    Depends- chorus was so overused for a while that it dated itself and often sounds like an "80s effect." A very light chorus can fit in a lot of places, as it can widen your sound or double your playing. The best chorus sounds on bass to me are when I don't notice it's on at first, but you'd definitely notice if it wasn't on.

    If you're Jeff Berlin, you just keep it on ;)
  8. Spoonman462


    Jan 20, 2008
    listen to some Isis
  9. shineofleo


    Jun 8, 2009
    Well I use the digitech XBc Multi Chorus and quite like it.

    In short, John Myung from Dream Theater uses the chorus a lot in the progressive style - from 80's of course.
  10. Valerus


    Aug 4, 2005
    Austin, Texas
    Jeff uses a LOT of stuff in his work.
  11. I use chorus give a bit of movement or shimmer to my sound, usually on slower, melodic passages. Also, if you put chorus after a fuzz/distortion, it can sound quite synthy as well.
  12. Vic Winters

    Vic Winters

    Apr 20, 2006
    Western NY
    Check out:

    Incubus - Drive @ Red Rocks

    Alice in Chains Unplugged (Pretty sure chorus was on every song)

    Guns & Roses - My Michelle
  13. I listen to quite a bit of Isis. Great band, IMO. Like I said, I'm not much of an effect guy, and don't really tune in to individual effects, so I didn't realize he used a fair amount of chorus in his playing. I guess I'm more of a "wow, that sounds cool" guy.
  14. benayrsty


    May 19, 2009
    I recently found an old DoD bass chorus pedal, decided to buy it (20 bucks yes!) and it's pretty cool. It fattens up my tone in certain songs, and for one specific song I like to turn the speed all the way up to get a kind of tremolo type effect, plus the watery chorus sound try it out. I use it for a spot where me and my guitarist breakdown and play the same riff. Really unique sound.
  15. neatobassman


    Jul 16, 2005
    Antelope CA
    Best version of drive EVER. Ben Kenney is the ****.

    back on topic...

    Play around with the chorus, get a feel for everything it can do, and while jamming with your band, try throwing it in random places and see how it fits.
  16. Jeff from Isis's use of delay an chorus (often together) actually got me back into chorus and into delay. I have a hard time making it not sound like 80s cheese, but it is possible.

    If you use a chorus after distortion it can add a whole new level to the tone, it can also help to make your tone sound brighter and fatter.

    having the rate slower will give a more traditional chorus sound that can be less extreme, as the rate cranks up, you can get some incredible warbling vibrato-type sounds. Im usng this vibrato-y sound after my POGII for extra 'organ-tone'
  17. Valerus


    Aug 4, 2005
    Austin, Texas
    I'm looking on his pedalboard and I'm not even seeing a chorus pedal anywhere.
  18. a good chuck of alice in chains has chorus, and thats what i use it for.

    always long mellow passages or when i went to fade back into the mix a bit.

  19. neatobassman


    Jul 16, 2005
    Antelope CA
    God, listening to that album always sends me back to when I was like 5.
  20. jufros


    Nov 24, 2008
    Fuzz -> Filter -> Icy Chorus is one my most used combos.