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clearer tone with fingers

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by iamchance, Jan 15, 2012.

  1. iamchance


    Dec 3, 2011
    im a pick player by choice (jason newsted influenced) but i like fingers for more balladie chill songs. my problem is when i play with my fingers my tone just sounds really muffled and not really audible note to note what should i begin adjusting? currently treble is at about 1:00 and mids are at about 2:00 and bass is at 2:00. Schecter omen 4 and a ampeg Ba-115 is my rig dont have any pedals yet looking into the sansamp bdi
  2. Your technique. The way to attack the strings is how you get your sound.
  3. try and get the fingers to either lift up toward you (to the bass strings) like you are tapping your thumb with the tips of your fingers pulling away and up so not to mute the string.

    also move over the bridge pickup for a more focussed attack and to the neck for more bass and depth, but you probably knew that already :)

    is this a new thing (i know you said you prefer picks, which is fine) or have you always done it? are you palm muting by accident?
  4. Very true.

    If all you have is a 3 band EQ you're going to have to experiment a bit to see what settings will help you add some attack and presence. Unless someone here has the same bass and rig and can share some settings to get you in the ballpark I think it's down to experimenting, which is something you may want to do anyway.
  5. iamchance


    Dec 3, 2011
    i think i got it down right now. i think my problem is im so use to the attack of the pick that playing with my fingers is like a 180. i hope the Sansamp will help me since i do only have a 3 band eq
  6. As well as the technique, tell your wife/gf/mother/whatever you cant wash the dishes or the dog/kids anymore 'cos you're building up the callouses on your fingertips! :hyper:
    Worked for Jaco!
  7. dont rely on gear though, the sans amp will only help amplify what your fingers/pick actually do. the tone really is in the fingers.

    a 3 band is fine really, is the omen an active bass? if so try using that EQ too.
    over complicating your signal chain is really easy and it can get messy really quick.... best bet is to get your basic tone down first then worry about shaping the EQ so it slices ears off or gives the ladies a smile :) (low B users know what i mean... i have been informed by my wife that she prefers my 5 string on stage for that reason LOL)
  8. I don't think the Sansamp will solve your issue.

    With enough EQ you can get the notes to decay with more or less the same tone, but the initial attack is always different with a pick vs the pads of your fingers.

    When I am playing with fingers and want extra attack, I sometimes slap with my thumb to get it, and it's brighter but still different. Really if I want the sound of a pick I use a pick.
  9. BassPlayer900


    Oct 19, 2011
    Do you not play fingerstyle often? When I tried it, I had a muffled tone that was too quiet. I started practicing constantly and managed to get a louder, cleaner sound. So if you keep working on it, I'm sure your tone will get better.
  10. DerTeufel

    DerTeufel Supporting Member

    Nov 11, 2011
    Wildomar, CA

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