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Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by lotsolowend, Jun 23, 2008.

  1. lotsolowend


    Aug 23, 2006
    Nederland, Tx
    Hey guys, currently im playing a Schecter Stilletto Studio 4 through a Bass PodXT (with FBV Shortboard) for all my gigs, i have a crybaby q wah and rc20xl loop station but i dont haul them everywhere, just with 1 band. Yesterday i started thinking to myself that i really wanted a different sound, time for a complete renovation. My plan is to overtime sell my studio 4 and bass podxt to replace them with <insert 6 string of my choice here> and a nice, full pedalboard.

    Thats where you come in i suppose, ive never really used actual pedals on my bass - ive done all of my effects and tones through the podxt. Heres what i <u>think</u> i want to get:

    i want to use my current amp but run a preamp through the effects return to bypass the tone of it (Crate BT100)

    1 Preamp
    1 Compression (optional - i just know i always use them in the pod)
    1 or 2 Distortions (for a synthy bass lead sound, I really do use this a lot)
    1 Overdrive (for balls)
    2 Delays (1 tap tempo, one something more like a boss dd5, i think, for effects)
    1 Flanger or something of the like
    1 Chorus
    other fun effects pedals that will come after im no longer poor :p

    appreciate the help guys, i will send eCookies to you... or something...
  2. baalroo


    Mar 24, 2008
    Wichita, KS
    In B4 "use search function"

    otherwise, what's your price range for all this?
  3. lotsolowend


    Aug 23, 2006
    Nederland, Tx
    i can do 1200 give or take a bit for bass
    and the pedals since its an over time thing-id say 100 - 250 a piece

    i dont want to spend a fortune but i know its not going to be easy

    i get around 50$ a week that goes directly to this cause so if that helps, there ya go
  4. RickenBoogie


    Jul 22, 2007
    Dallas, TX
    Just what you have listed could cost a small fortune, and you don't even have any filters on there yet. Take it slow, one or two at a time, let it be a learning expirience, and make sure you get an appropriated sized board for starters. Have fun.
  5. lotsolowend


    Aug 23, 2006
    Nederland, Tx
    like i said, the podxt has been my expertise for the past 2-3 years so this is definitely going to be a learning experience

    what do you mean by filters? (gates ?)

    i think im going to get the preamp and drive first just so i can slowly start moving away from the pod and then split my profit from oddjobs to begin saving for bass while still buying rig

  6. rhcp32291


    Aug 19, 2007
    Long Island
    +1 to Rickenboogie

    Don't sell your Pod yet because you won't have enough cash to ditch it and then acquire the pedals you wan't. Even if you do buy all the pedals you think you want now, they might not be what you're really looking for when you get them. Finding the right pedals and completeing a board is something that takes a lot of time getting money and a lot of time researching on talkbass. Listen to a lot of clips and go to a lot of stores. Buying effects on impulse can leave you very disappointed.

    So sell the bass if you have a back up and/or purchase a new one.
    Keep the Pod because you will need it for gigs until your board is complete.
    Buy a pedalboard first or make your own. I suggest NYC pedalboards or a Pedaltrain board.

    IMO you're better off working hard to get the bass you reallllly want. Then start saving and purchasing the pedals. Your bass, amp and fingers are the most important in a complete renovation.

    And good luck when you get addicted to fx.


    I'm sure someone else will probably explain this a lot better, but a filter is much like a wah that is triggered by how hard you play. They're my favorite effect. Some examples are the Maxon AF9 or the EHX Qtron or the DOD fx25.
  7. lotsolowend


    Aug 23, 2006
    Nederland, Tx
    haha been addicted for a long time my friend, you should see some of my pods settings :)

    thats why i feel like i need all of those effects - i use them on a daily basis (i never thought i would use chorus, flanger, distortion, and delay in one church service but it tends to happen...)

    what kind of 6strings would you recommend? i will definitely play a lot before i even consider purchasing but the closest place with a decent stock is 2 hours away :/

    i'll be back in a bit to research some more, i have some errands to run :)

    oooh okay, i think i have a setting that uses a filter then, yes that is a must have!
  8. dannybuoy


    Aug 3, 2005
    If you want synthy bass lead sound, a filter placed after a fuzz sounds really cool. Add an octave pedal to that too and you're in business! I'm just discovering the joys of this for myself - here's an example of fuzz -> filter:

    I then plan to get a Meatwad filter pedal with an expression pedal to control the filter cutoff.
  9. why change a schecter?

    +1 on the "don't sell the POD". It seems like you use a lot of different patches and effects at once. That is extremely difficult to achieve with single pedals, and some things like delays chorus, modulation and the like, IMHO doesn't HAVE to be "analog". OD's and the like, I agree, sound a lot better from a dedicated pedal. But really, if you have tons of delay and weirdness in the POD, you will very hardly get that amount of choice out of single pedals. I'd go with mixing the POD with some of the great analog od's or fuzzes around. Sort of mixing worlds. Bass into analog dirt boxes, than to the amp, then the POD thru the effects loop, stripped of all compression and overdrive-ish, leaving it to make wah, delay, envelope filter, phase, chorus and all of that. That should do the trick. Go right know for a nice OD and some more cables and try it out. Don't sell or ditch the POD for the sake of it. You may end up regreting a lot.
  10. lotsolowend


    Aug 23, 2006
    Nederland, Tx
    okay, i didnt mean to sound like im ditching the pod immediately, it would be well after ive got a nice pedalboard of fun and most of the tones i use daily can be recreated with analog im sure. some of the pad ambience etc. will definitely be lost but i can handle that, something about digital multieffects just made me sick to my stomach one day :)

    situation with the schecter - i love this bass, best purchase ive ever made probably but i want a more raw sound and some more chord capabilities so i was looking for a 6 that i can pull some nice smooth sounds like the schecter but also go pretty hard.
    even with OD and Dist. the schecter maintains its smooth tone which i love but im ready to move on

    call it a mid-life crisis... at age 18...
  11. hahahahahaha

    great one!!:D