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Compressor or Limiter for Mesa

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by superfly, May 16, 2005.

  1. superfly


    Aug 4, 2004
    I use a Mesa Boogie Buster 200 all tube combo with the 15" speaker. I like the tonal options I get running my new Sterling straight into the amp. I do however feel the need for a limiter or compressor for amp & speaker protection. Hitting those hard lows and digging in quite often pushes the amp and speaker quite a bit.
    I need something that will push down those heavy low notes and level out the whole dynamic without really altering the natural tone.
    What do I need?
    I prefer a stompbox version if possible, but not limited to. Would like to keep it at $200 tops if possible.
    I've read previous posts, but really haven't found what specifically I need. Limiter? compressor?
  2. Droog


    Aug 14, 2003
    I don't think a limiter is quite what you need, a compressor should do the job nicely.

    Demeter compulator comes in under 200. Well liked and well respected company.

    Analogman. Juicer and Comprosser. Not experiance with these two but never heard anything bad about them and Analogman stuff is great.

    There are plenty of others to choose from, but if you can drop 200 bones then you will be a lot happier with the results than if you only had 50. I would get the Demeter.

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