Convert new GK MB200 110V to 240V

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  1. Just need some clarification....

    I've been following the thread for converting an MB500, bought a new MB200 (Sam Ash heavily discounted)... BUT.... the MB200 is different inside.

    Can somebody clarify what I'll need to do to switch a 110V model to use in Australia 220-240V?

    Or, is it rated for both voltages? Just labelled for 110V?? (hence, safe to use at 240V as is??)

    Gut shot

    Clip (vertical) to the left of 230v/115v lettering.
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  2. Black circle (fuse?) T2.5A 250V

    Power switch 8A/128AH (?)

  3. What's this screw?? Fine adjuster?
    Positioned in a line between bass and Lo mid knobs.
  4. Can you get a better angle on the clip 110/240? Yours appears different from mine, since sold.

    Iirc there was a black plastic covered jumping wire clip which I moved over to the opposite position retaining the central pin. It was holding on tight. I fashioned a hook from a paper clip by work hardening and snipping it just so.
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  5. Whatever you do, don't plug it into 240v without first sorting the internal voltage jumper!

    The fuse doesn't need changing. From memory I don't think it is swappable anyway.
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  6. I'm away until Sunday.

    Bottom left corner (next to power input). I'll send it thru ASAP.
  7. I don't know what you are looking at but first pic of post #2, says 115 250 on the board. The black plastic doofer pulls off and you shift it onto the next pin. Job done.

    I made the hook because I feared crushing the doofer with pliers. Fingers couldn't get a good enough grip on it. It took quite a pull with the hook.
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  8. Killed_by_Death

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    there should be three pins under the jumper, after you pull it off
    right now it's on the bottom two, just shift it to the top two
    (what you're calling a clip is normally called a jumper)
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  9. Here's a close up....


    So there's just the one jumper to change and that's it?? Ready for 230V ??
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  11. ThisBass


    Aug 29, 2012
    Didn't read the engineering datasheet for the ICEpower50ASX2 but I'm pretty sure the B&O documents refere to this point.
  12. That's how it worked on mine.

    The light on the front can give you a fright taking it's sweet time going from red to blue on powering up.
  13. Dead easy. I'll let you guys know how it goes.

    The Fuse.... should that be changed too? Or is it fine to stay as is = 250V 2.5A
  14. Fuse fine.
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  15. Jumper in new position...
  16. No ICE cable?
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