Cort B4FL PIEZO -- new bass from NAMM

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  1. Here's more info on the new fretless with piezo that Cort had on display at NAMM. Still can't find any price though...

    B4FL Piezo OKBW

  2. Lovely!
  3. Nice, like how they incorporated thumb rest into geometry, good trick for the future use.
    And piezo+fretless is something I wish to be able to play one day (when I will be over with missing notes even on fretted).
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  4. Piezo+fretless is my favorite combination. I have (or had) few basses like this: Epiphene Zenith, Tune WB4, Spector Core, Ibanez SRF700. And some acoustic bass as well. With all of them I have a lot of fun. Keep waiting for this new Cort.
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    Now THAT IS nice!
    I hope that down the line they might release a sixer.
    It seems they are definitely moving up in design and quality.