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Crown XTI1000

Discussion in 'Live Sound [BG]' started by c2thej2theizzo, Jan 5, 2012.

  1. Picked up a used XTI1000 recently (along with an XTI2000) to dub as a monitor amp for live sound and also as a bass amp when Im performing. never used digital amps before.

    The 1000 has been acting up on me. When testing with a signal from a mixer and program music it runs fine for hours. when running with anything other than program music (my bass) through my mixer, sansamp or other preamps it runs for 10-20 minutes then starts scrathing, popping (bursting up and down in volume) then eventually losses about 90 % of its volume. Never near clipping, attenuator never more than 3/4 up on crown, DSP settings all at original. 8ohm single speaker speaker each channel. Unit never very hot. The 2000 unit ran fine, same test.

    returning not an option. anyone have any experience with this issue on this amp, It sounds to be a digital malfunction,
    any solutions, suggestions before I send it in to repair
  2. Hi! c2thej2theizzo!!! I am sorry about my bad english. I am from Argentina. I have own the same Power Amp (Crown XTI 1000) and when I play Live I have many problems with this unit. Let me explain a littke more: I use this with a Behringher Bass V-Amp Pro as Pre Amp.
    + a hand made celestion equipped cab (4 x 10 BL 10 70). It always CLIP, even with the limiter turned on, it reaches the "Thermal" red light and then, it cuts the sound, it lost the volume in a 80-90%. What is more strange is that it only occurres when I play Live. Please, if you have any tips to take into acount I would be very grateful!!! Regads!!!
  3. Since I posted this way back in January, I have since discovered that the early issue xti 1000's are problematic.

    Check the serial number on the back of your unit and read this:

    XTi, CDi, and DSi Firmware Update Instructions

    you may need to update the firmware. I had 3 of these units - 2 needed the update and it fixed some of the issues I was having... BUT not all of them. The third one was made after 2006 and it was always OK.

    - As a result I ended up selling my early 2 units for less money to someone who uses it at low volumes for their bar and it works fine for program music.
  4. yev365


    Feb 27, 2013
    Hello c2thej2theizzo.
    Where did you get the firmware? I have XTi1000 which behaves strange. It was manufactured before that date in 2006 so System Architect doesn't see. I cannot find the firmware on the Internet. I sent email to Crown's support but didn't get reply so far.

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