Delano SBC pickups default wiring

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  1. Hi TB, I just bought Delano SBC driver pickups, and can not find info what is they are made for series or parallel default wiring.

    I would like to have single coil and one humbucker option, as I don't have dpdt on-on-on switches, but not quite sure what option to choose.

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    there are 2 types of SBC's HE/S and HE/S4. Both have their respective wiring diagrams posted on

    If you dont want to install a switch, just twist the appropriate wires together and play a bit to see what sound you like better before soldering up.

    However, IMO, just install a switch....
  3. these are dual coils not quads

    I wired them series/parallel, but when both pickups in same mode, (blend on center) neck pickup signal is very low

    when one pickup is in series and other in parallel everything is ok.

    except I don't wanna use them that way

    would this be a phase issue?