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Differences between Gibson RD Artist and Thunderbird

Discussion in 'Ask Justin Meldal-Johnsen' started by T3llumm, Oct 27, 2013.

  1. Hello JMJ.

    i Saw on the Web that you're one of the most famous Gibson RD Artist users :)

    So as you have old Thunderbird (1977?), what kind of differences do you think they are between RD Artist and Thunderbird on a pure sound comparison ?

    Is it close ?

    Best regards.
  2. jmjbassplayer

    jmjbassplayer Justin Meldal-Johnsen Gold Supporting Member

    Mar 25, 2005
    Dramatically different. The RD doesn't really have the same midrange profile at all...it is far more scooped. With roundwound strings and EQ set flat, it's most like a muscular Jazz bass sound. The way I play it is with GHS super long scale heavy flats and lots of bass. It's more of a dubby, rubbery sound. Very thick.

    My t-birds are much more about midrange aggression. Dark on the top, but with a big upper mid slice and a lower mid bump around 350-400 that makes every note very pronounced. Not a ton of super lows, but very satisfying nonetheless.

  3. Thanks a lot !
  4. Do you already use it on some NIN songs ?
  5. bassvirtuoso

    bassvirtuoso My God, it's full of chrome! Gold Supporting Member

    Feb 28, 2006
    RD: all maple construction

    Bird: all mahogany (unless it's post 80's, then some walnut in the neck)

    Two different ends of the tone wood spectrum, if you believe in that sort of thing.

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