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  1. JRB

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    Oct 21, 2003
    Oakland, CA
    Hi everyone,
    I am planning on getting a digital 8 track and I was wondering if anyone owned one or had a recomendation. I am mainly going to use it for writing ie composition, practice and for recording jam sessions, maybe even for a demo. My budget is around $500-$600. Thanks alot I really appreciate the advice.

  2. I own several (5) Alesis Adats. I would recommend them for song writers such as yourself.

    I have also recorded many 3 and 4 piece groups LIVE with my Adats, they sound awesome and are easy to run!

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    Aug 29, 2003
    Burbank CA USA
    Recently I acquired a Fostex VF-160. It's a digital 8 track hard disk recorder with about 5 hours' worth of disk space. 8 simultaneous tracks of recording, 16 for playback. It has built-in digital EQ and effects, built-in mixer, and a built-in CD burner (which you can use to burn audio CD's, and also to back up your digital data in .WAV or other format). Also it has a MIDI interface for sync'ing to your computer or outboard gear, and an ADAT LightPipe for hooking up to ADAT-compatible gear. I got my VF-160 new for around 700 bucks on eBay. We've been using it to record rehearsals, it's excellent for that purpose. For instance, I can take a recording, and if there's a song I want to put on our next demo, I can dump it to the computer using the LightPipe interface (all 8 digital tracks at once), and mix it there using all the sophisticated software plug-ins. Then if I discover that the bass player (that's me) screwed up a note but the rest of the recording was perfect, I can midi-Sync the modified tracks back to the Fostex, run it over to the studio and drop in a new bass track, and sync the new track back into the computer. It's a very useful toy, it's in its first incarnation so it's still a little basic, but all the essential stuff is there. Definitely worth a check-out, pretty good buy for the price.
  4. JRB

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    Oct 21, 2003
    Oakland, CA
    Thank you very much I appreciate all the help I will give it a look
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