Digitech Bass Whammy V2 Mids

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    Hey guys -- long-time, first-time. Thanks in advance for the help.

    I just got a Bass Whammy, and love the tracking. My only question is for those of you with one (or any other octave pedal), do you notice a severe mid scoop? My untrained ear tells me it seems to be emitting mostly sub frequencies, thus thwarting all "energy" and dropping significant volume when I engage the pedal. Is there possibly a LPHF in the pedal to increase tracking? Anybody?

    EDIT: I'll add that it loses energy compared to the same frequency played without the pedal engaged (i.e. 5 fret first string A, vs 12 fret second string A with whammy engaged.)
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  2. Not sure if it’s mids specifically but yep, any digital octave will do that which is why most people use overdrive / distortion after to make it sound a bit better/natural. Bass whammy has had the best sound though I haven’t tried the new stuff like ricochet or pitchcfork.. my boss PS3 definitely gets chime/treble artefact and overtones compared to the original tone the higher it’s shifted... part of the blessing and curse depending on how your using it.