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  1. What is the deal with the backorder drill on Dimarzio DP 120, Model One pickups? I have one on order since the middle of January and they keep changing the timeline. I have dates starting with Feb. 6th, then the 9th and today it moved to the 15th. I have checked with every supplier I can find, and everybody gives me the same information.
    I am stuck on my EB-O project until I can get the pickup and it is driving up the wall!
    Anybody have a clue to what is going on here????
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    Maybe they sub-contracted the pickup manufacturing out to SGD Luthierie.
  3. Been exchanging emails with Dimarzio about what the hold up is... First it was Musicians Friend had not reordered for their stock as they should have and perhaps I should check Guitar Center / Sam Ashe.... I then pointed out that I had contacted every one of their listed dealers with the same outcome... they were all waiting for backorders to ship.
    Ball back in their court.........
  4. Sorry to hear this. Be patient-worth the wait. IMO best value in an EBO replacement pickup . Coupled with the Hipshot Supertone my Epi EBO is a blast to play and sounds much better than stock .
  5. Thanks Woodman.... It is driving a bit crazy to have to look at this beautiful thing and not have it done!
  6. After a very pointed discussion over the phone with a rep from M.F. I got word this morning that my Dimarzio DP120 is ON THE WAY! It is coming 2nd day air ... I asked them during our conversation about doing that since it had taken a month already......:hyper: :)

    So shortly my EB-O project can head off to the luthier for it's heart transplant!