Do I want an MXR M87 Compressor?

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  1. EstusFlask


    Feb 17, 2014
    So...I've recently started getting into pedals, but I only play at home by myself (or along to a track playing on my computer).

    This M87 looks really cool and I don't have a I need one?

    From what I have been reading, it sounds like the main use for a compressor is for playing live, with a band, or recording....I am doing none of these and clearly just have GAS. I play fingerstyle only (but am trying to learn some thumb techniques) if that matters...

    I don't want to get a compressor if it is going to make me play lazily and with poor style...I don't want to use it as a crutch....but I also have some mixed information...when I used to take bass lessons a long time ago, one of my bass teacher's comments was to try and dig in a little harder....then I read about how Victor Wooten plays very lightly and lets the amp do the work....I always figured that playing lightly (which lets me play faster) was not the proper way to play bass.

    This post went off I want a compressor? Is it going to help with learning thumb techniques, tapping, etc? Or will it just make me lazy and learn techniques poorly?
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    Your post gets into a lot of different questions regarding technique and tone that could each be the subject of a separate thread (and, in fact, they are the subject of many threads).

    But to answer you main question... no, I don't see how you would get much use out of a compressor if you don't play live or with a band. That said, if compressors interest you, you might want to try playing around with a compressor some day (at a music store, borrow a friend's, etc.), to see if it sparks something. People get all kinds of interesting uses out of most any type of pedal, including compressors.

    P.S. I don't buy into the "laziness" concept, but I do believe there is something to the idea of building a basic level of competence and dynamics with techniques like slap and tapping and then -- if you like -- experiment with effects that may make those techniques sound even better.
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  4. Will it help you learn thumbing or tapping techniques, no. If you were playing live, a compressor would help evening out your attack (if set that way) so when thumbing/slapping the volume doesn't go way up by the aggressiveness of the technique. Tapping would be smoothed out too so all the notes are even.
    I wouldn't get a compressor until you're ready to play out or start recording then it would be a valuable tool.
  5. EstusFlask


    Feb 17, 2014
    Thanks for the responses guys, all useful.

    My GAS is either for the Ditto X2 or the MXR M87, so I'll likely go for the ditto.
  6. EstusFlask


    Feb 17, 2014