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''Downgrading'' from Epifani UL2 310..

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by nuno1959, Jun 2, 2019.

  1. Hi guys

    59 year old bass player from Portugal here..

    I like my tone to be full bodied, warm yet clear and ''piano like''/hifi but not sterile and compared to the hardware I’ve had over the years, my present set up ticks all those boxes specially as I also like practising loud at home :

    Status Graphite Classic Series 1 Deluxe 4 str -> bunch of FX -> Epifani UL501 (500W@8Ohms/850W@4Ohms or so..) -> Epifani UL2 310. At the band’s rehearsal space an Epifani UL2 410…

    Examples of what tones I go for among others, usually 2 or 3 bass tracks in these, plz use headphones..:


    "Plain Nasty Lenny" | free Funk backing track

    Moving from a detached house to one split in2, w/ neighbour’s living right ''next wall'' - made worse by the fact the husband works at home.. - after spending quite a bit on isolating everything as much as possible ( double or triple drywall/Greenlue + double or triple 70mm Rockwool 70kg density, etc.. ) being impossible to build a room inside a room to stop sound travelling via the 2 house’s common masonry structure, I came to the conclusion I need to downgrade my cab because I love my amp/it matches the 410 for band duty PERFECTLY and

    1 - if the 310 is there, I WILL use it's power.. too tempting.

    2 - I need smaller cab due to space restrictions in the one room furthest /most insulated from neighbours...

    3 - Bought an Eich Bassboard to complement my Sennheiser HD205 headphones but due to a motorcycle accident which mangled my ankle, I can’t use it longer than a few minutes without MUCH PAIN later, let alone unknown long term consequences using it may cause..

    Having no way of trying any cabs near or far and not wanting to abuse Thomann’s/other vendors free return policies, after reading as many specs & reviews + forums posts I possibly could, I’ve compiled a short list of some I THINK could be viable for me, I would really appreciate if you could help point me in the “right direction” ?

    My budget is around 500€, give or take some, 2nd hand is mighty fine, for a tamer/more compact version of the Epifani 310 if you will..

    My shortlist of some apparently antagonistic cabs, from 5’’ to 12’’ drivers.

    ?? means I have no clue if ok/found little or nothing about them although specs suggest ok?

    ** means gut feeling they could replicate the Epifani 310’s tone in a “smaller scale” ?

    Plz, correct me if I’m wrong..

    Phil Jones Piranha C4 **

    Trace Elliot Bassbox 208/Warwick WCA 208 CE ??

    TC Electronic RS210 **

    Glockenklang DUO 210 8Ohm **

    Markbass Traveler 102P 8Ohm

    Eich Amplification 110XS 4 Ohm **

    Eich Amplification 112XS 4 Ohm

    Eden EX-112 8 Ohms ??

    Obviously the lower power cabs would be used w/ some temperance on my amp’s gain/master volume not to blow them up…

    Any advice will be greatly appreciated, many thanks in advance
  2. buldog5151bass

    buldog5151bass Kibble, milkbones, and P Basses. And redheads.

    Oct 22, 2003
    No matter what cab you get, if you still turn it up too loud, you are going to make enemies. Get a decibel meter app for your phone, and set a limit.

    And stick to it.
  3. Bass travels through structure. Ask your neighbor can he hear or feel it and does he mind. Ask is there a better time than another to play.

    You may be able to keep your rig.
    Just don’t play at concert volumes.
  4. Thanks and yes, dB meter app is a good idea but.. I still could use a smaller cab - even though the Epifani IS quite compact...
  5. GmanJeff


    May 16, 2008
    Vienna, VA
    Decouple your cab from the floor by using a stand. Don't place it against a wall or in a corner. Use headphones. For a lightweight and compact cab consider the Revsound RS28.
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  6. Re-bass through structure... yes, tell me about it !! Despite my best/possible efforts and expense.. :banghead:
    And yes he hears it and wants none of it, although to a "reasonable" level the law allows me to..
    At lunch time I have the place to myself but at that time I'm usually away working..
    Re-concert levels : I hear you and you're right but although I practice loud I don't do it THAT loud..
    I was hoping that since "best possible neighbour relations" are ideal, having a smaller, lower volume cab that won't allow me to go beyond a certain volume would make my pill easier to swallow so to speak :
    Having the Epifani right there and not being able to use it makes me sick...
  7. Thanks for chipping in.
    Decoupling the cab/no corner and wall nearby also is a good idea
    I've looked up the Revsound but it's North America only and that means Customs + high postage costs AND 35% Import duties on top of all of it (!!!) so I'd rather stick to something I could get in Europe, most vendors over here having a free postage/returns policy which makes things so much easier even if for warranty issues or so..
    Interesting cabs though I had never heard of them !