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Downloadable Drum Beats ???

Discussion in 'Recording Gear and Equipment [BG]' started by KIRKSFANGS, Aug 21, 2004.

  1. Greetings - I was wondering if any TB'ers may know of a place to download different drumbeat styles (blues , reggae , bosa nova , etc.) that I could burn to CD for practice purposes . Thanks in advance ....
  2. I know that there are a bunch of threads like this in Recording Gear.

    And there are a bunch of drumloops, but they cost something, but AFAIK, they're already in audio CD format.
  3. Chris A

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    Feb 25, 2000
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    Maybe we'll get more hits up in Recording Gear, let's move this thread there.........

    Chris A. :rolleyes: :bassist:
  4. Hi

    A few things that may help you here:

    First off, most sample CD's have drum loops on them as well as the individual drum sounds but they do cost$$ and you've usualy got to edit them in something like wavelab to get them to loop perfect. Try a search, I'm sure there's stuff out there in .WAV format (or for the Mac :) )

    The easier option is to use a midi file! for this you will need a sound card and some form of sequencer on your PC i.e. Cubase etc. There are thousands of midi files on the net, you'll find all the styles you mentioned and more, you've just gotta look for them, try Harmony Central to start with! Open the file in your sequencer, mute all tracks except the drum tracks and off you go! You could even delete all the tracks you don't want and export whats left as a new midi file.
    I used to do this a lot and it works well, a few years back you needed a good soundcard or you had to send the midi data to a sampler to get good drum sounds, but with the quality of sound cards getting better and more importantly the availability of VSTi's it's real easy to get realistic drum sounds (VSTi's are the way to go IMHO)
    Another option is to write the patterns in to your sequencer!

    Hope that helps

  5. I go for the Midi file method - the 'net is FULL of free midi files! I have a Roland XV-5050 to play the sounds, then I can record the audio from there if I want to. Midi gives you a lot of control - change the tempo, change the note (gets you different sounds), on and on.

    One more thing - you don't even need a fancy synth these days - Windows now incorporates a software synth engine (Roland provides the samples). I'd be willing to bet that Mac OSX does it too. You say you're running Linux? Get into the game at Planet CCRMA and download for FREE just about anything you want!
  6. jive1

    jive1 Moderator Staff Member Supporting Member Commercial User

    Jan 16, 2003
    Owner/Retailer: Jive Sound
    There's a bunch of free stuff on MIDI or Wav.

    Do a google for "free loops" and you'll find tons of stuff on wav or mp3 that you can use.

    The same goes for MIDI. Use google, and you'll be overwhelmed with what's available out there.
  7. Thanks for the tips , everybody !! I'm a bit technically challenged , but at least I have some ideas to follow up on. By the time I figure this all out , I'll probably have the $$$ to buy a drum machine !! LOL - Thanks again
  8. Fugedabouda drum machine (unless you are interested in my Alesis HR16B in primo condition $50) I've heard of Roland XV-5050's fitted w/the SRX -01 daughtercard KICK IN THE GLUTES drums for less than $700 dollars I have one it is worth the money - seriously if you just need basic sounds use your sound card and buy the Bill Bruford packet of 3 drum set oh yeah Bru CAN DO

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