DPC 750 digital power convertor using home stereo pre out???

Discussion in 'Ask Doug Johns' started by tazekozak, Sep 25, 2012.

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    Sep 25, 2012
    hello....i have a question for you, i have and old pioneer sa-9900 home stereo amp(500watts) , and a peavey DPC 750 digital power convertor, and an old sunn bass cab(SPL-8028,1x12"/1x18")which is rated for 8 ohms or 4 ohms if using the internal crossover...i know this will sound like a long shot but here it is...if i plug my guitar/bass into the mic input of the pioneer sa-9900, then run a chord out of the pre out of the pioneer sa-9900 into my peavey DPC 750 power convertor, then run out of the DPC 750 power convertor into my sunn bass cab......is that at all possible? will I blow the amp or power convertor? or will it destroy my speakers? kind of a crazy question but i thought you would have a good understanding if this is at all possible with or without risk......i do not have a bass head to power my newly found sunn cab, but do have the home stereo amp(500watts) and the DPC 750 digital power convertor and was hoping i could get away with this as i do not want to spend anymore money than i have to.

    Thanks for you time, cant find a good answer out of anyone i have talked to yet....
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    I don't know the tech specs on the sa-9900 or the DPC, but you should be able to do this w/o risking your Peavey or your cabinet. Just make sure that you are taking a pre-amp out or line out (*not* a speaker-level output) from the sa-9900 to the Peavey DPC. Then, once everything's hooked up start with the gain from the sa-9900 relatively low, and bring the DPC's volume up slowly so you don't accidentally ask too much of the cab.

    So, it should work in the sense that you should be able to push signal from your stereo's preamp to your power amp and get an audible signal from your bass cab. Whether the bass sounds ratty depends mostly on if the sa-9900's mic input will play nicely w/ the instrument-level signal from your bass. How much distortion and loading you'll get depend on how the preamp stage of your sa is designed. The quickest way to find out is to cable it up, and bring signals up slowly.
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    This is way over my head, even though I used to do the same stuff with my stereos at home when I was growing up. We blew up 3 or 4 until I finally saved up enough for a bass amp. Sorry, I can only tell you how NOT to do it :)