Early HEART Dreamboat Annie Compression

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  1. I play in a Heart tribute band so I'm been studying Steve Fossen's playing and techniques. He played a late 50's Prebass with a pick on flat rounds on "Dream Boat Annie", Heart's first album. I love the compressed and percussive sound he achieved when that album was recorded back in the mid 70's. Mushroom Studio's had a very warm sounded tube preamp board back then.
    So here's my question: I recently bought a used MXR87 compressor and want to know if anybody has a setting that could help me get a similar tone? I'm not keen on flat rounds. I play a Jazz bass ( Steve's live on stage bass) without a pick.
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    I'd suggest a high ratio and slow attack (slowest possible with the M87).
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    I got to record at Mushroom in the early 90's when they still had that board, I couldn't believe my ears the first time I heard a playback, that place was amazing.
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    Steve works at Bass NorthWest. Call him and ask what he thinks.
  5. Cheers for the tips.
    Call Steve ? I dunno. I'm a bit shy about talking to the guy who's licks I'm copping. I wouldn't turn down meeting him. I'd get star struck maybe. Seriously I'd tell him how learning to play his licks has made me a better player.
    I fear he may say "Heart tribute band eh ?, How's that working out for ya" ?
    Only original member that I had the pleasure to meet is Roger Fisher. He joined us on stage a couple of times. A real nice guy, humble, but a real wildman on stage. Very talented.
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    I don't know what he used for a comp but I doubt it was the M87. But there is a little squashy comp going on, isn't there? Eh, try it on a mild setting.

    You could do it the chicken way...email. He has a band with the former drummer for Heart and they do Heart songs. I don't think he's averse to Heart cover bands. He's a big SVT guy and has been for a long time. That helps ;) Saw him once...Bebe LaStrange tour. Changed basses after every two songs. How do you even keep up with that many basses? I have a hard time playing one.

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    Steve would love to know somebody out there is still listening. He is a super cool down to earth guy. I knew him for a year before I realized who he is. Give him a call. BassNW is owned by people who love bass. It's not just about the money there.