EBS Reidmar Aux input repair/mod. Help needed!

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  1. Hi!

    After my last great experience here on TB I have another nut to crack for you guys.

    My amp has a 3,5mm stereo input for auxiliary sound sources. The jack itself was wiggly so I removed it and soldered a short cable in its place where I can plug my phone into for practice.

    This was really a temporary solution until I get the right kind of pcb mini jack that I need. Well, it turns out that I might be able to modify the amp more to my liking by addressing the following two issues:

    1. The aux input does not have a volume control. I would like to add one. It's not nice connecting ones phone to a fully powered 750w amp on full power.. I am contemplating between a stereo and a mono potentiometer. The manual says one can use both, a mono or stereo input, so I figured there must be some kind of mixer before the output. Does this mean I could tap into the mono signal after the mixer and insert the pot? Or am I safe to just add a (ganged) stereo pot straight after the input jack before going to the pcb? Even a mute button or switch of any kind would really be enough or even added to the volume control it would be nice!

    2. I would like to have the aux input at the front, possibly next to the potentiometer mentioned in point 1. Is there anything that I should consider before drilling a hole in the front for the jack? This would also make it easier to find a jack for it, since I would pull wires to the pcb and not have to find the exact matching pcb-jack.

    Thanks in advance ;)
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