Eden D410XLT with blown speakers

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  1. so the bassist in my band was using an Eden D4X10XLT, and blew the speakers at practice. He showed up to the next practice with a whole new Hartke rig and said he was just going to sell the Eden. I said i would probably take it off his hands, since i'm in the market for something with some 10s. As long as i get it cheap, i'll probably take it off of his hands. I've got a friend that will put in new speakers for free as long as i buy the speakers.

    I know nothing about brands of speakers and prices and all that stuff... i dont even know if all 4 of them are blown, but lets say that hypothetically they are... what would be some good replacement speakers? how much would they cost? and what would be a good price to pay for the cab in its current blown state?

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    Well, if one or two of the speakers are NOT blown, I might take them off your hands (assuming they're 16 ohm models) as I picked up a D210XLT with damaged speakers pretty cheaply the other day. :D

    Unfortunately, I can't help you with much of the other stuff. I will say that used and fully functioning Eden gear is cheap these days since it's quite heavy compared to more modern offerings, so your friend shouldn't hope to get too much for it. I see fully-loaded D410XLTs in good condition go for $450-550 all the time, so make an offer accordingly.
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    You should be able to get replacements from Edens Parent Co. Someone will correct me if I'm wrong, but I think they make the speakers.

    PS. I had this happen and they sent me a replacement. How old is the cab?
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    I think David Eden builds his own speakers.
    There are several sellers on eBay that deal Eminence and Electro-Voice speakers. Both are good, reputable brands, that fill many current amps in the marketplace today. EVs will run you $200 - $250 on average, but they kick much ass.
    You can get NEW Eminence 10" 400W / 8 ohm speakers on eBay for less than $100 each; there are many sellers with stores on there that have every flavor you can imagine.
    If you want a lightweight rig, the Eminence Basslites have neodymium magnets, and weigh a fraction of the "standard" speakers. I just bought a Basslite S2012 (12") for $80, to replace a blown speaker in a combo amp.

    Alternatively, you can wait and see if David Eden trolls the forums; I got lucky and Larry Hartke came to my rescue: http://www.talkbass.com/forum/showthread.php?t=643332
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    David "Eden" Nordschow left Eden a long time ago, and is reportedly starting his own company again, DNA (David Nordschow Amplification). I don't know if Eden still makes their own speakers after the U. S. Music buyout. That'd be the first place I'd look, though, since the cabinet was designed for those speakers.

    There are some speaker gurus here at TB who may jump in and tell you definitively which other brands and models of speakers would make good replacements.
  6. cool, thanks guys.

    hopefully some of these speaker gurus can give me a good rundown on what would work best.
  7. speaker gurus?
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    These older Eden 10's are a quality cast frame design, If I where you
    I would have them re-coned, Christ there must be a huge pile of perfectly reparable quality drivers in the states.
    Did it sound really really good just before it started smoking?.:rollno:
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    doh somehow I double posted.... more coffee!
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    If you see one in good shape for 450-500 jump on it.. I doubt that you see them that cheap "all the time".. But I do see deals like that on occasion. I more often see them in the 600-700 dollar range. The nemesis 4x10's are more likely to be in the 4-500 range.

    My advice go to the eden forums and poke around, ask some questions.

    and smack your bass player! eden to hartke? seriously?
  11. The cab dimensions are fairly typical, and unless the cab is tuned to some weird frequency, you could probably replace drivers with some thing from Eminence. I'd definitely go Neo since the original cab is 98 lbs.
    Personally, I'd find out which of their tens are closest to SWR's OEM in the Golight cabs.
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    Putting a random speaker into a cab specifically designed for a particular driver is not a good idea. Results will be a gamble at best. Eden XLT replacement drivers are easily available and are not overly expensive. My local Eden retail store brought me in a replacement XLT driver within a few days and its an exact replacement. Any Eden dealer should be able to give you a price for the exact replacement driver for that cab including horns and other hardware if needed.
  13. I knew somebody would say this.
    First of all, there are many cabinets by different manufacturers that share very similar dimensions and tuning frequencies. Close enough that several different drivers can be substituted for the originals with minor changes in tonal characteristics.

    Another thing; Some manufacturers even change their drivers without changing the cab design, or vice versa. I think SWR uses the same cab specs for the Golight as it did the Goliath III. I've personally swapped out many drivers over the last forty+ years with mediocre to great results.

    Of course there are exceptions. For example, there are ultra compact 2 cu ft 115s to 5 cu ft, or larger ones. Obviously, optimum driver specs would vary amongst these for successful execution. I'm just not in the camp that thinks that a different driver must be used for every 1/2 cu ft, or 5 Hz tuning frequency difference in cabs. There are many off the shelf drivers that will work well in typical sized and tuned boxes.
    I know this from experience.
  14. hm i didnt think about having them re-coned. that would probably be the cheapest way to go.

    they didn't smoke, they just kinda started farting and sounding really crappy.
  15. hah yeah well he got the Eden free initially, and im pretty sure he got the Hartke stuff for free or really cheap. he's got some kinda family hook up on cabs.
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    That is why I specified that its a gamble. The Eden XLT drivers are pretty unique tonewise and although there may be copies out there, the 410XLT is a pretty unique cab. If the OP is looking to replace all four drivers, he could likely purchase original XLT speakers for no more then another brand of speaker and be confident that the cabinet will retain its tone without any issues.

    Having said all that, re coning the speakers might be the cheapest way to go.