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  1. I'm looking to get a cheap ($500) electronic drum kit for my studio for, so that I can invite a drummer over for rehearsal (with volume control) or quick recording. Can anyone recommend a decent brand. I know nothing about them. Thanks
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  3. I would look for a used Roland or Yamaha set in your price range.
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    Another for this. As a drummer, there's not any of the new $500ish e-kits out there that I'd really want to bother with or even consider good enough that I wouldn't just bring mine instead.

    With that, I'm not sure what you're going to find even used in the $500 range. My brother has an Alesis DM10 kit that's ok but the Alesis stuff doesn't quite trigger like the Roland and Yamaha kits do - especially the kits that don't use those terrible rubber pads.
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  8. Putting on my drummer's hat, I have to agree with TxLawDawg on the inexpensive new kits. The worst thing about them is the crummy pedals that are included for hi-hat and bass triggers. I own a Roland TD-15k and wish I had stepped up and used a high hat/trigger that used a real high hat stand and pedal. I realize that this is way out of the price range new, but I would really search for a used kit that at least used real bass drum pedal. I think most drummers would prefer to bring their own pedal and the pedals that are built in to the cheap sets are horrible.
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    I own the Alesis DM6 . Have to agree with whats been said before. I got it used for $125 so it was a steal but immediately bought a real bass kick. And an extra cymbol to add a ride. Problem is I bought it for myself to jam and learn. Encountered what TxLawDawg said, when my drummer came over he felt it ok and could pull of a jam, but didnt feel real enough so he ended up bringing his own kit instead next time. For my personal use I love it though. Learning and jamming just fine.
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    I bought a used Pintech set a few years back with all mesh heads. Had to replace the hi hat and kick drum triggers,but it worked out real well. Pintech are/were built under license from Roland.