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  1. Hey, hope im posting this in the right subforum... I'm playing a show this weekend in Phoenix, Arizona (elevation: 1150 ft). I live in Flagstaff (elevation 7000 ft). My question is when transporting my bass (in it's case of course) should I loosen the strings to prevent neck bowing and intonation issues? I play a 6 string and am restringing before the show regardless however, the less of a setup I have to do before the show means more time I have to dedicate to other pre-show things. Thanks!
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    Elevation shouldn't be a problem, but temperature and humidity can affect an instrument a lot. Arizona's hot and dry, so when going to a colder more humid climate you can expect to have to make some adjustments.
  3. Cool! Thanks a bunch!
  4. I'd expect more trouble from restringing right before a show, unless you can put a few hours' play on them first.
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    Just wondering, what is the logic that leads you to think that elevation should affect your setup?
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    Ditto this. Unless you actually like retuning and/or being out of tune for the show.

    The elevation change is a non-issue.
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    There is no issue whatsoever. Basses don't react to elevation.

    They do react to temperature (fairly quickly) and humidity (slowly), but not elevation.

    Changing elevation from Florida at 200 feet of elevation to Breckenridge Colorado at 10,000 feet will change temperature and humidity, but the elevation is moot.
  8. I'm restringing when I get into town tomorrow night to let them set in. No real reason why, just double checking to be safe. I have never played a show outside of my town thus I've never dealt with humidity issues. I used to live in Phoenix and recently moved to northern Arizona a few months back and it's my first show back home.
  9. Places in AZ are hot and dry - Tuscon comes to mind and Yuma might be the primary portal to hell - but where I lived in Snowflake and Concho - we had snow and winter and summer and fall and even spring! Imagine that - four full seasons.

    People only see cowboy movies and pixs of The Grand Canyon and think that's it for AZ - but there are places that represent every climate except those above/below the 25º north or south latitude.

    I read that in The Arizona Chamber Of Commerce's booklet once.
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    I live in colorado (about 5500 elevation) and used to tour frequently through texas (almost sealevel in some places). The elevation will have no effect, changes in temp/humidity could. I would recommend restringing before you, and transport it at full string tension, or close to it. The neck is engineered to have full tension on it, its generally not a good idea to leave it without tension for too long.