Eminence BP102-4 vs BP102-8

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  1. Hi folks... kind of a specific question here:

    The specification PDFs for these two speakers, the Eminence bp102 and 4 ohm and 8 ohm, show a rather different frequency response chart. Should I expect this information to be accurate? Noticeable?

    When I first got BP 102-4, didn't like it. Now, although it has terrible frequency response above about 2k Hertz, I just kind of really like the sound when I use it. Had some very successful experiences with it also.

    So I'm thinking about picking up an 8 ohm version. Which seems to favor a frequency range I usually like, around 1300 Hertz.

    In case anyone has any input... Thanks!!!


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    It's not uncommon for there to be differences between the 4 ohm and 8 ohm versions of all drivers.
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