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  1. The Ibanez SR300 (2013 model) - How would you characterize this bass. What are its main strengths and its biggest weaknesses. Does it have a wide tonal variety? Would it record well? Seems to be the best selling bass in the Ibanez lineup. From what I read, the pickups have been changed starting with the 2013 model year and the bridge is also a bit different? Are these changes good?
  2. Bump. No one? There's not much on the 'net regarding the new model..I thought someone here would have had a chance to try/buy one.
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    You'd have a better chance at getting replies if the title of the thread was more descriptive (e.g. Ibanez SR300: how is the 2013 model?)
  4. You're probably right but I don't think I can edit the thread title.:atoz:
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    Start another thread entitled "2013 Ibanez SR300 - is it a good buy?" It doesn't cost anything. ;)
  6. True. Where do I send your "advisors fee"? :p
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    I had two of the older ones. Very nice sounding basses, I'm not familiar with any newer versions of this model though, just speaking of the old ones.
    The bass sounds great and has a pretty good tonal range, one slight thing I noticed is that the low is not as crisp as it could be, perhaps that might have been addressed with the newer ones in that the lows are perhaps less "muddy"? idk.
    Physically speaking, the bass is extremely thin, the neck is super slim and comfortable, the bass is very light. Now that being said, I don't know if this is true with other examples of the bass, but I have had three SR300s and all required more tweaking on the truss rod every now and then (more so than any of my other basses). One thing recommended by Ibanez on theses basses is not to use heavier gauge strings on it. Ideally use Light or at most regular, the neck is thin and not as strong perhaps?
    I believe it would record adequately but not all that great (due to the pickups inadequately picking up the lows cleanly), can't speak again for the newer models- would recommend going to a higher SR model for that though. SR500 and up?
    The SR300 is a good bass for any beginner, live, intermediate type stuff that being said.

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    I had one.

    I liked it.

    Good tonal variety.

    Almost zero neckdive.

    Light body so doesn't tire out your neck.

    Sounded good.
    Humbucker pups.

    Fast neck. (not as wide or thick as a 'P' style).

    Mine seemed to demand a bit of attention to correct truss rod setting and string height.

    When it's dialed in it's good.

    For the money I thought it was pretty good
  9. Thanks for the reply. Money is tight right now so I have to stay within a budget of around $300-$350 max. I'm also interested in the Yamaha BB424 or BB424X but I'd have to go used since they are around $500 new.