Epiphone Embassy vs Harley Benton RB414

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    Nov 28, 2022
    Trying to decide on a new bass, which one would you recommend? is the RB414 far better value? or is the Embassy worth the extra money? thoughts please!
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    I have played neither, so I’m going purely on specifications and looks and hunches here, but I bet it’s a real apples-and-oranges situation between these two. Despite the passing physical resemblance between the two models you’re considering, I suspect they will sound quite different. The Embassy seems like a Thunderbird in a more ergonomic package (confirmed in this forum by those who play them); this Harley Benton is clearly going for the Rickenbacker aesthetic and likely the sound as well (Rickenbacker fans will say nothing sounds like a Ric and they’re probably right, but again, I haven’t played this Harley Benton). The only conclusive conclusion I can reach is that I personally prefer the look of the Harley Benton :laugh: you’ll get better answers for you if you tell us how you want to sound and what you want out of a bass. What drew you to these two in particular?
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  3. The Rickenbacker fans are correct.

    I bought the RB-414 when they were first launched back in 2015. A very decent affordable instrument which suffers from misplaced assumptions. The differences between the 414 and a Ric are numerous. Scale length, body/neck material, pickup positions, pickup strength and type, pot and cap values; the only common elements are shape of PG and both being bass guitars.

    Bought an Embassy March/April this year.

    Comparing the two is a problem, sold my 414 a good few years back and I've yet to string the Embassy with flats, I had flats on the 414. When it comes to basic things like tuners/bridges there's not much between them, both have Gotoh copy tuners. The bridges each have their own method of adjustment, approaching either with due attention can lead to wailing and much gnashing of teeth :laugh:

    Fit/finish goes to the 414, don't get me wrong the metallic green on my Embassy is a fun finish but some of the roundover edges could have been better. Neither bass was/is heavy.

    Resale value. I normally see used 414s going around £150 but for the Epiphone it's more £225 to £250

    Tone is a personal thing, even the words used to describe it. Memory tells me I enjoyed the 414, sounded great through the Ashdown 15/ 2 x 10 cab; sadly that cab was the item I traded it for :laugh: Embassy basically sounds like a T-bird, just a different shape.

    If I was starting over again I'd likely buy another 414. I'm basing that on the playing time my first 414 had against the playing time , or lack of, the Embassy has seen so far. It's not an uncomfortable bass and I do like T-bird pickups so the reason escapes me.

    Memory says the 414 neck pickup (with flats) was
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