Esp Ltd B-5JR

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  1. Hello folks !

    Have you heard about the esp ltd b-5jr ? It's a short scale (it seems) 5 string bass by Esp. The only thing that lacks about it is that there's nothing on the net about it. Even on Esp's website ! I was planning to buy this bass because I play short string but always wanted to have that low B growly sound. I'm afraid that on a short scale it will sound floppy... But thought that I could put heavier gauge strings so the sound would be more "bassy".
    Does someone around here have one and could tell me his impressions ? What's the scale lenght (30in or 28.5 like a mikro) ? Does the low B sounds descent ?
    I know that it will not sound like a low B on a Lakland, but for the price, it seems cool !

    Thanks guys ! :bassist:
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    Jan 16, 2014
    I saw this bass on ebay and it looked interesting. It is a 28 inch scale. I am worried mostly about the quality. They are made in Vietnam which does not sound too good. Like you, I can't seem to find anyone who owns one of these and could give me some feedback. Sorry I don't have more info.....
  3. I think it was a limited edition for Guitar Center. There were very few made.
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