Everything U Wanna Know 'Bout Ryan Martinie's Gear!

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  1. Main bass: warwick thumb 4-string, ebony fingerboard, chrome hardware, nickel frets.

    Back-up basses: Thumb 4, rosewood neck and gold hardware. Also two Thumb 5 stringers with ebony and rosewood necks and bubinga bodies & also a fretless Pedulla Buzz 4.

    Strings: all get Dr Hi-Beams .045-.105 with a .135 5th string, tuned GCGCF and CGCF. Sets action high for live shows and low for recording.

    Pickips: always runs pickups full on and turns his bass active controls all the way up.

    Live Setup: runs his bass into a Shure UHF U4D dualk-channel wireless unit, Whirlwind multi-selector, dbx 160 compressor, Ampeg SVT-4Pro head on an SVT PR-810H 8x10 cabinet. Also has a BSS AR133 direct box that runs from the SVT-4Pro's effect loop.

    Recording setup: Full Ampeg rig, plus an SWR Workingman's 10 Head driving Greg Tribbett's Mesa/Boogie 4x12 guitar cabinet for added midrange and top end.

    Pretty cool stuff. I put this out just in caseanyone was sying tryin to search for this kinda info, i kno i was but i finally got this old ass edition of Bass Player Magazine that had a kickass interview and stuff. Bass Player Magazine kicks ass!!
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    Do you know what straps he use? :help:
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    Thanks for sharing! (^O^)