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    The question of whether 1/2 a 1/4 sized basses are suitable options for adults comes up frequently. The origin seems to usually be either that they are cheaper or that because the string length is smaller there is a notion that it will be an easier transition for an experienced bass guitarist.

    Consensus of most players and teachers seems well represented in:

    The Beginners Guide to Buying a Double Bass
    "These are intended for children learning to play. There are a lot of 1/2 size basses on the used market (because they are harder to sell), so you might be tempted as an adult to pick one up. If you're serious about learning the instrument properly, don't do it.

    If you're buying or renting an instrument for a young child learning to play for the school orchestra, these are the sizes that you're looking for. Consult a music teacher or bass shop to get the right size for your child."

    However, if you are still considering posting this question, you might read a limited sample of previous discussions. It is reasonable to assume that new discussions on the topic will follow the same pattern. There are people who have chosen to play smaller instruments, and you are free to make your own choices, of course. If you ask experienced players if they think it's a good idea, this is how that discussion is likely to go.

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