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Favorite Neck?

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Shearstown, Dec 17, 2005.

  1. Shearstown


    Oct 15, 2005
    Just wondering what everyone's favorite neck is. I personally love the Fender Jazz necks. So easy to play. Also how important is a good neck to you. To me it is a MAJOR thing. It needs to feel good.
  2. Ray-man

    Ray-man Guest

    Sep 10, 2005
    I dig the new, unfinished (except for a dab of oil) StingRay neck. Smooth as a baby's behind.
  3. jonly


    Oct 3, 2005
    Springfield, il
    jazz neck, finished. The neck is definately the first thing that turns me on or off to a bass.
  4. Baryonyx

    Baryonyx Banned

    Jul 11, 2005
    Marathon Man
    it's a big thing for me...I address a bass on looks first (fickle I know, but if it's ugly I aon't bother getting it off the rack!) and then neck, before I even plug it in...if it doesn't feel good, the future ain't bright, to say the least...

    Favourite neck though? Kubicki, very comfy and playable,
  5. Dave Siff

    Dave Siff Supporting Member

    Reverend Rumblefish
  6. Baryonyx

    Baryonyx Banned

    Jul 11, 2005
    Marathon Man
    What was that quote...

    "I believe we place our happiness in other people's hands, I believe we place our hands round other people's necks" :smug:
  7. Figjam


    Aug 5, 2003
    Boston, MA
    Musicman Sterling
  8. Jazz...just grown up with 'em, ya know...
  9. +1

    I really, really, really like the feel of the necks, and the tone ain't bad either...
  10. Jazzbassman23


    Apr 20, 2000
    Sterling > Jazz > Bongo

    MAJOR METAL The Beagle Father Staff Member Supporting Member

    Sadowsky 5 string necks ! :hyper: :bassist:
  12. warwick.. :bag:
  13. Petary791


    Feb 20, 2005
    Michigan, USA
    I like necks that aren't glossy. Glossy = bad.

    Fender necks are good for the most part. Surprisingly, my old Squier P-bass has the best neck i've ever played.
  14. The 0x

    The 0x

    Aug 24, 2003
    Timonium, MD
    I like P-bass & rickenbacker necks. Fat & comfy.
  15. ...now I couldn't get on with a Rickenbacker - the 4001's have got a GREAT sound :cool: , but I find them almost unplayable coz the neck is covered in paint/laquer and is a bit thick, the pickups are in the wrong place (and that bloody thing over the strings RIGHT WHERE I wanna start fingering... :crying: )

    ahh...glad I got that out of my system!

    They sound great but they aren't nice to play if you ask me
    (come on...I'm a Fender guy...) :cool:
  16. earlc


    May 23, 2004
    Northern Virginia
    MTD 435, Modulus Q4
  17. Shearstown


    Oct 15, 2005
    I find the jazz neck is great for quick movement all around. Verry good if you're into alot of quick fills
  18. BigMikeW

    BigMikeW Banned

    May 25, 2005
    Nashville, TN.
    Banned by TB Administration for refusal to account for funds
    +1,000,000 :bassist:
  19. Figjam


    Aug 5, 2003
    Boston, MA
    Sadowsky necks are nice, definitely.
  20. plexibass


    Jun 30, 2005
    jessica alba has a nice neck.....so does jessica simpson......ooops sorry wrong forum.