Fender Modern Player Jazz bass...5 string...yes 5 sting

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  1. 4 string:


    5 string:


    Seems like they'll be the same colours as the current range, and so far, look to be cheaper too. I assume the price will go back up...

    I'm considerably more interested due to the tone options:

    "Pickup Switching: 4-Position Rotary: 1. Midde/Bridge Pickups, 2. Middle Pickup/Outer Coil Bridge Pickup, 3. Bridge Pickup/Outer Coil Middle Pickup, 4. Outer Coil of Middle/Outer Coil of Bridge Pickup"

    I'm assuming the 4th setting will just sound like a regular Jazz bass singlecoil? That sounds like a wide variety of tones available.
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    The truss adjustment at the neck heel is suspiciously non-Fender looking.
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    Mar 31, 2011
    Sandy Eggo
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    Dec 3, 2012
    This bass isn't listed on the Fender website. Odd...
  5. found this video clip

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    It isn't on Fender's UK site either. Hmm...
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    Mar 31, 2011
    Sandy Eggo
    I did the conversion.. it comes out to $548 and change in USD!

    G.A.S. pains have begun....
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    My intestines are exploding from the gas!!
  9. I'd really be shocked if it was that much - taking an similarly priced instrument, we can get the Modern Player Jaguar new here for £364, and it's looking like the standard US price is $399.

    The 4 & 5 string versions are listed as the same price on andertons.co,uk, and considerably cheaper than the current MP Jazz, so I can imagine it'll go up.

    Here's some more information on the new MP range:

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    Yeah I saw that too. Looks like a wheel style adjustment ala Musicman.
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    Jul 10, 2011
    Dam that 5er looks killer & I've been looking to pick up a 5 to add to arsenal. this may be the bird,if & when it comes to the states!!
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    Mar 30, 2011
    Looks like the price is right, Andertons confirmed it on twitter, wonder what colour to order :D
  15. At that price, the 4 string looks like a bargain- £50 less than the existing line with the hi-mass bridge, pick up selector and single coil options, satin finish etc. Very tempted to pick one up.

    Looking at it that way, the 5 string is a steal, even if the quality is roughly comparable to a CV Squier.
  16. From the description in the link:

    "Finished in Satin Black for a super dark modern look that's great for Metal!"

    Have we found the best bass for metal?
  17. Emailed Andertons, sunburst is in stock with their suppliers now, and the white & black models with be available in a few weeks.

    Very tempting at that price point.
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    So let's see if I have this straight… A Chinese made, jazz bass… With humbuckers that you can coil tap on…
    and people are excited because it says Fender on the headstock?
    Should be able to buy and mod an SX in this fashion for a total of about $400 give or take and I bet the pickups would be better too!
  19. I've heard a MP Jazz bass at a venue I'm a regular at, and it sounded great, going straight into the PA. I've heard endless models played in there, and that one stood out as great, which is why I'm interested in them to start with. Not to mention that every MP bass I've played has been a huge step up in quality, especially in build & how the neck feels, than any SX I've played (although obviously this could be an individual bass thing). Why spend the same amount as the bass cost in the first place, making it almost as good as the existing Fender?

    Just the fact you can get a 5 string Fender Jazz bass with a huge array of tone options for roughly the same price as a higher end Squier is enough to get people interested. If it's the same quality as the CV range, it'll be a bargain IMO